Of cups and Pads and Menstrual fads.

Note: This is a Personal Review of the Menstrual Cup, in case you are a squeamish person with a weak heart, please skip this because it mentions menstruation, blood and sanitary pads as well.

My last post on Periods was so sober that I decided to write another one bitching about how bitchy I get during mine. However, without my PMS fueling me on, it is a tad bit difficult. So I  am going to make this a personal review post.

So, when I first started with my periods, my mom, introduced the Carefree pad to me. In the 90s, before the winged pads came into our lives, Carefree was the go-to sanitary pad. Cheap and comfort rolled into one. One could argue that the belt made it weird and cumbersome, but I kind of found it reassuring. Like, the painful belt reminded me constantly that I was on my periods and was protected as well. Changing it wasn’t just difficult, it took a lot of complex gymnastic moves and a well practiced routine.

In college, I was finally enlightened and I tried moving to the fancier pads with all their sticky backs, wings and blue blood. However, my gorgeous skin decided to suddenly become sensitive to all things not cotton. So I returned back to Carefree, with my tail between my legs and vowed to never try and change again. Painfully I stuck to the vow till about last year. So basically, for nearly 20 odd years I went through

  • Scouting for shops which still sells Carefree
  • Buying and stocking up pads for as many years as I financially can
  • Getting a jar of Vaseline for the belt marks
  • Discovering newer and easier ways of changing in and out of the pads

Last year, by some divine intervention, I happened upon an article on Menstrual cups. While it did gross me and scare me a little in parts, I was curious. So after doing a ton of research and reading like a 100 articles and personal blogs, I decided to give it a go. It’s been a year since then and I have never felt more comfortable about my periods… ever.

For everyone who has been thinking of changing over or is brave enough to try it out, please please please DO IT. While the GST and fond feelings for your environment might be the best motivators, do it for yourself. Trust me, once you do get a hang of it, you will wonder why you didn’t try it before. The scariest things about a Menstrual Cup

  • Inserting it might pain. A little, at first maybe. But once you master the trick, the whole process will become your muscle memory and you will not even think about it.
  • What if it gets stuck? This is probably the biggest worry some of you might have. Remember, there is no way up for it to go. As long as you know how to use your Kegel Muscles, you are golden. In the worst case scenario that you freak out and can’t take it out. Your Gynae can help. But trust me, I have helped at least 5 people convert and none of them had to visit the hospital
  • Silicon inside the body. It’s safe and reusable. Plus it is much better than all the synthetic pads and the moisture that gives you rashes.
  • Leaking and cleaning. It’s capable of holding the heaviest of flows for at least 3 hours, in my case. Changing/emptying is as simple as take it out, empty it, wash it with water and insert it right back in.
  • Hygiene. It is most hygienic since it only holds on to the blood. There is no absorption into anything or any odor. Sterilizing it in boiling water before and after your periods is enough.

Apart from the financial part (I have saved nearly 10000 bucks till date), it is so much more cleaner than having to feel that moisture and getting chafed while simply walking around on a hot day. Once you get used to it you will barely remember it exists or that you are menstruating. No more sitting down or holding your sneeze, no more skipping those trousers and definitely no more waddling around. And the best part? You can pee or poop without disturbing it.

If you are wondering why isn’t it mainstream if it’s so beneficial, the answer is simple. The companies manufacturing the pads won’t really like a product that basically puts them out of business, will they? Add to it the absence of any proper literature about it and you have a simple and useful product lost in the midst of brands.

I know I do sound like an advert at times but it is only because I really really love this product. I have bought two spare ones just in case the first one has any issues. But it’s been a year and it’s still working perfectly.

Please reach out in case you have any concerns or queries about the menstrual cup. I would love to help you convert.