Mr Murphy’s at it again!

I absolutely love baking. My cakes come out awesome when I do it for fun or in a relaxed manner. Contrary to the rest of my life, my cakes go poof when I hurry or am under any pressure. This is the main reason why I have never thought of starting it as a business.

This Friday was T’s 34th birthday and I have been studying and planning the cake for almost two weeks. The shape, colours, design and flavours were all planned. (For the record I wanted to make a 4 layer naked gooeey Coffee cake with buttercream decoratiohns on just a bit of it.) However, my Beshhht Phriend Mr Murphy (of the Famous Murphy’s Law) made an appearance and not just as a guest, he decided to stay for the entire weekend.

It started with Pickle  falling sick. Then T took a few days off to spend time with us. So nothing could be a surprise anymore! Between my visits to the doctor and coaxing Pickle to eat his food I somehow managed to get the necessary ingredients in place. Though I had planned to start baking early on the 16th, we had to be out of home on errands and I didn’t start till it was 8 pm. I then managed to under-cook my first two batches of ’round’ cake.

Royally pissed off, I gave up at 930pm and decided to call it a night. After tossing and turning for about an hour I figured I wasn’t getting any sleep so I might as well bake. I changed the plan and design. Baked 6 layers (I first tried cutting layers out of a single cake but it fell apart, Mr Murphy was having so much fun!) of vanilla and chocolate cakes.

I was done around 5 in the morning and had to start the day’s chores. Later in the day I layered up the cake (for once my whipped cream stood) and covered up the cake in Ganache. The weather was terrible and my buttecream was literally melting while I was piping it out. I finally put it in the fridge and finished decorating it.

Though I made a lot of mistakes and a lot went wrong too, I did manage to use a whole array of new tools and techniques and I am truly proud of myself for pulling it off. Yes, I did have a very different design for the cake and it didn’t turn up anywhere close to it but it tasted good. My Murphy finally left after the party and wasn’t too pleased!

 Here’s wishing T a beautiful birthday again.