Saesha Creations

After months of creating, photographing, uploading and then waiting, Saesha creations, my baby, is finally live on Check it out here.

I started out with just earrings, some quilled and some crocheted. I have plans to add some more hand made gifts that you can buy for your loved ones. My freelance work and Pickle’s schedule doesn’t leave me with much time, but I have enjoyed creating every thing on the list.

Please do check it out if you like everything Handmade!



Amigurumi I

To keep my restless hands busy, I have taken up the art of amigurumi ( I kinda got bored of crocheting mufflers and earrings).

It is very simple cause it requires some basic crocheting skills and a little patience. Here’s what all I have till now.


My first attempt at making a dolphin


I know I know, it looks more like a chick heheheh!!!


My second attempt…. still doesn’t look all perfect…..


Finally…. something a little better




My first tortoise


I know this looks strange and deformed… but i still found it very cute…

This is all for now… will post more soon…

Weekend Craft…

I was down with viral fever and was feeling too muchi low!!! so I decided to do something about the crochet basket, overflowing with yarns and various other supplies, that sits under my bed… hoping to be picked up and used…

I made two sets…(earrings, bracelet and a necklace.) Here’s the first one.


I also did a similar one in Red and Yellow with gold bearings. ( Forgot to click a snap of it). Ma was around and she wanted a Brooch for one of her sarees… and then she wanted one for every saree… So I came up with these… for the time being

Looking for more designs for my creations…. 🙂

Crochet Earrings

I know I have been very lazy about this project of mine… But finally I have my first batch of Crochet earrings ready. I am yet to experiment with colour combinations and more bead work… but check these out for the time being. Friends and Family can place orders 🙂





So there you are…. Have finished only so many… in case you want me to do some different design… lemme know…

So long…