Tough Decisions

Three years into my life as a Techie I concluded with complete confidence that I wasn’t meant to be one. So I decided to change tracks and get into something more… me. Cracked GMAT, CAT, MICAT and the Personal Interview to reach my dream B-School, MICA. As luck would have it, the marriage plans that I had successfully put on the back burners suddenly were the highlight of my life. I fell in love and what’s more is that it was literally love at first sight (Echhhh! right?). As they say, Life happens while you are busy making plans.

Since neither of us wanted to wait and indulge in a long-distance courtship period (we knew we had found the ONE), we got married in the beginning of my second year of college. It was not difficult at all since T was busy too. Luckily he was posted nearby and I could make weekend trips whenever I felt like. We got a temporary accommodation allocated to us and managed to establish a “home” in the midst of travelling, studies and crazy office hours.

A year later, I finally joined him with a great job and thought the hard part was over. Let’s be honest, long-distance isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. As I settled down to a home-work routine, I realised something about me. Behind all the craziness, I was quite a conventional person. I was also a control-freaky perfectionist, who simply had to do it all. I found myself cooking up storms, baking random stuff and working for nearly 18 hours a day. However, it was fun. T and I would dine out, catch up over movies and managed to cross paths at home at least twice a day. The job was paying well enough for me to repay my loans but wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. Within a year, I decided to forgo my bond amount at the company and shift. I got through many interviews and the blessed day arrived when I received my first acceptance. As an assistant brand manager for a media outlet. It was literally my dream come true.

Half an hour later T called with his news, he had been transferred to Vizag and we were moving in a week’s time. Being a naval daughter and wife, I have always been proud of the fact that I am good at moving lives. But that day, I wasn’t so sure. We spent the rest of the day talking and T vehemently proposed that I stay back in Mumbai and work. However, call it whatever, I decided I didn’t want to have a long-distance marriage. So I turned down the best offer of my career, pretty much gave up my career and moved with my husband.

The move wasn’t as smooth as I had hoped. T got busy and I fell into a weird depressing hole trying to piece back my life. There were no high paying jobs, in fact there were no jobs, period. I was overqualified for literally everything that the city had to offer. After 2 months of struggling I managed to get one job which eventually led me to another which helped me pay back my loan and settle down in the new place.

Now and then, I get these nostalgic pangs of having lost my career but you know what, I never regret it and I’d do it all over again given a choice. I have a beautiful family life and I have known what content is, first hand. That makes it difficult to go back to a life which doesn’t offer me much happiness. I have transformed into a domestic goddess which I didn’t see happening in a million years, but stranger things have happened!

Life is just a collection of the decisions we make. I had to make a few hard ones but I am truly blessed to have landed where I am right now. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.


The Old-dress-rejuvenation project.

So… it’s been three years since the delivery and I haven’t really been able to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight or figure. The frustrating part is where I have to go shopping for new clothes since the old ones don’t fit. There are also certain dresses which were gifted and aren’t really my style or are missing a few components but are too dear for me to throw them away.

That is why this project was born. Over the next few weeks/months I plan to take my old dresses and upgrade them to something that I would love to wear. Using my skills of sewing and crochet I have already managed to upgrade three such dresses.

Here’s a glimpse.

This one was a sleeveless jumpsuit that was tight on my waist. So I made it into a dress with butterfly sleeves.


This one was fine but I figured a little crocheted edging on the sleeves will uplift the look… and it did!

And this last one was an old beloved denim dress with missing straps. So I did this…

There are piles of clothes waiting for me to reinvent them and I am having so much fun doing it. Keep in touch for more updates.

So long!

And 2017 is here…

A very happy new year to all you guys.

2016 was pretty awesome. There were a LOT of firsts for me. There was the epic roadtrip, the home shift, the broken ankle and of course the marathons. As I scrolled through my friend’s FB updates this year, I experienced mixed feelings. While some of them made me smile, there were those which made me wonder a lot about my life. Things have definitely changed in the last three years. From a full-time professional kicking ass in the office I have become a SuperMom (Yup! I don’t do anything half-assed!).

The transition hasn’t been easy or smooth and is still a work in progress. While on one hand I want to give Pickle every bit of attention, I also find myself losing my personal identity in the whole process. There are regrets, decisions that haunt but also unadulterated joy and happiness that I finally found in life.

Taking stock of the year has never been my strong suit. However, given the new things I have tried and succeeded at, in year gone by, I do feel proud of myself. Looking forward I know making plans and resolutions won’t work for me. My world is ruled by my 3 year old sweetheart and weirdly, I actually love it.

Some of the stuff worth a mention: I did finish my reading challenge of 75 books last year. (Gawd!!! I know it’s just the first day of the new year, but I love saying ‘last year’). I also participated in 3 marathons, had my first handmade Rakhi exhibition and Bake sale. I started crossfit and have been enjoying every bit of the new me.

Some stuff I am not so proud of: I grossly neglected my blog. Wasn’t my intention but I guess I didn’t really have much to write about. I also haven’t managed to keep my online shop updated and I really need to get it up and running again. I also had plans for a library setup at home which kept getting sidetracked and my books are still in boxes. The heaps of old clothes still need a home.

So here’s what I am gonna do.

  • Try to write at least once in two days
  • Make at least 4 items for the online shop every week
  • Free my book babies from the boxes and at least start painting the loft.
  • Donate old stuff and re-stitch, alter or re-design some of the clothes I really want to keep.

I also want to start a few classes this year once Pickle starts his school. I know I said I won’t be making any plans or resolutions, but the start of a new year doesn’t feel special till you have made these lists, isn’t it?

I am pretty sure most of you guys have done much better on your last year’s resolution than me. Hope you have a beautiful year ahead …

Loads of love!!!

2016: The year of firsts!


I hate running.

That said it is quite amazing to note that this year I ran (Ohkay!!!! WALKED) for three marathons while carrying Pickle and even managed to complete them in decent time. Yes, my heels are no longer in existence and yes Pickle will not want to sit in his carrier ever again, but it was so worth it!

This year has definitely been a first for many things. I started cross-fit. Yes, I know. The bug finally bit me. The first week, all I wanted to do was come back home and cry. The second week, I could barely move but still stuck to it. By the third week I was craving for more. And now after 16 weeks of training 5 days a week, I finally realize why people get addicted to it. It gives you a kind of high that leaves you exhausted but wanting for more.

I also participated in a baby wearing walk, a first for this city. It felt good to be appreciated by people for carrying Pickle for so long. I really struggled with people around and their judgement when I decided to carry Pickle. Within the first two weeks of his grand entry into this world, it was quite clear that he was the restless kinds. He wasn’t clingy or colicky but he wasn’t happy about lying down on the bed or in the pram for a long time. I first fashioned a sling out of an old duppatta and when I realized it kept him happy, I did my research and bought a good quality baby carrier. People judged, criticized, made all kinds of jokes about me carrying him. They called me obsessive and gave me loads of unsolicited advice, but I knew what was good for my baby and I stuck to it. T was the only one who supported me without any reservations. And frankly it paid off. I was able to move in and out of the house with ease. I took him to restaurants, parks and on planes and he would quietly snuggle up and fall asleep.

Now finally, after three whole years when suddenly there is a ‘fad’ and ‘trend’ of baby wearing, people are suddenly buying and using them (incorrectly in most cases). Anyway, the baby wearing walk was good for my morale I guess.

So overall, 2016 has been good to me. Let’s see what the next year has in store!

House by the sea

I love transfers. Though most of the people I know hate it, I seem to thrive on it. I love the idea of going to new places, meeting new people and making a whole new batch of memories. However, with T’s present job it didn’t seem likely that we would be transferred out anytime sooner. So we did the next best thing, we shifted our house. The shift happened during a bad time since I was still limping from my ankle sprain and was too disoriented to think straight. It did take us 2 whole weeks but we finally settled in. And if I am allowed to brag (well of course I am… my blog and all that), my home now looks absolutely gorgeous. However, the view from it is the highlight.

Here are a few snaps of it to make you drool (or not).







The view from the balcony

Break ke baad…

So I sprained my ankle… AGAIN. However, this time it was with a twist, pun intended. The sprain was not just severe but also on top of an old injury which complicated the matter. The sad part was not the fact that I was supposed to be on bed rest for three weeks (Pishhhh!!!) but the fact that it was during the week full of crazy adventures (meaning ordering food and going out for random drives) with my neighbor who was leaving town soon.

Since I was asked not to put any weight on my ankle, I had to devise ways to get around the house to do my regular stuff. Pickle’s Panda bike came to my rescue as I could easily prop up my foot and then whiz around. He wasn’t too happy about it and kept hiding the bike. After nearly two weeks of dragging my ass (and foot) around on it I realized that the doctor (for a change) was right and this sprain was not going away in a day or two (as I had bravely proclaimed while refusing pain killers). So I looked around and found a kind stranger who lent me a wheelchair. Life was so much better after that. Once I had mastered rolling out chapatis while sitting on the chair, everything was back to normal except for my right foot which was twice its size and refused to get back to normal. You can’t imagine how frustrating it is for a restless person like me to have restrained movement. It makes me grumpy, irritated and a total jerk… (yes I am those things even when I have operational body parts but on a lower level).

After a whole month, as I glided (ok… rolled around in a choppy motion murmuring rosy expletives under my breath) on the wheelchair I wondered out loud at least 5987 times a day if things could worse. Well my question was answered as our house shifting got approved (after 6 whole months of waiting during which I had a healthy ankle). It was quite a feat getting through the entire shift while limping on my twisted ankle and managing Pickle’s tantrums. Thanks to T we did it.

It’s now two months later and the tissue around my ankle is still swollen. Although I am able to walk around fine, I still can’t climb stairs. The new house however looks absolutely gorgeous and I also managed an entire road trip all the way from Vizag to Sikkim. I might need some more time to start dancing but life does seem better now!

So Long.

To Do!!!

Do you ever get the feeling that your life has suddenly been reduced to an unending to-do list?

Since the second I wake up in the morning, I am stuck to my lists. The bond is so strong that it has now started to feel like a part of me. Though I have always loved lists, their precise directives, motivation to get things done… off late they depress me.

The wish list that I come across every now and then keeps getting longer with things I really want to do but have to time or energy for.

The book list that keeps me anxious at night.

The bucket list of travels I save for and look forward to.

The ridiculous number of craft WIPs that just-won’t-get-completed!

The list of groceries that has absolutely no end.

The list of courses I want to finish before I grow too old and tired.

The ideas for the books I want to write someday.

The things I need to teach Pickle.

The gifts I want to buy for T.

The things I have to discuss with ma on our next call.

The broken taps and cupboards that need to be fixed.

The various “guys” that need to be called to fix the previously listed things.

The bills I have to pay every month.

The queries I have for the doctors.

The events and happenings I need to be a part of.

The stories I need to look up to be up to date with the world.

The words I have to look up before Pickle grows up and asks me.

The friends I need to ping and keep in touch with.

The ones I have to wish for their special days.

The recipes I need to try out.

The ventures I want to invest in.

The career options I need to consider.

The activities to line up for Pickle.

The places we have to visit.

The restaurants to try food at.

The DIYs I have to undertake.

You see what I mean? Do you ever see an end to these lists? The lazier ones among you will ask me to chuck out the lists! The ones with OCD will understand why I can’t.

Yes they do depress me because I have so little time and so much to do. But they also are a lifeline… they provide me with so much hope. They make me want to live it up each day (even if it is reading a book instead of partying).

Lists are crazy… they make me crazy… but also bring order to an otherwise chaotic life. Today morning driven crazy by my overflowing lists… I started another list:

Things to do:



So long!

I give up!

I give up!!!

After waging a very civil and sarcastic (yes… me being sarcastic is me being civil ) war with my insensitive and weird neighbours which included posting mean blogs, updating whataspp DP with meaningful pictures and cribbing to anyone who would listen… I am finally ready to give up!

I tried. I tried talking TO them… then I tried talking AT them… and I even tried talking ABOUT them. However, nothing worked at all. Dealing with people in denial is a whole different ball game than dealing with insensitive or rude ones. When we tried discussing, we were asked to’research’ the source of sound. The ‘faulty construction’ of the building was blamed as well. Yes sweetheart… that’s what this is… the B-grade cement used in construction is the reason why things drop on your floor and your furniture keeps moving around in the middle of the night! And the low quality bricks used is why hammers keep falling on nails and elephants run wild in your house. My conviction in the presence of spirits is a way better reason than that at least!!!

When I finally stopped indulging in juvenile acts of putting up mean DPs, one of my oldest friends from engineering college told me not to give up. He reminded me of my college days and told me to make use of the reliable 3P tool! The 3 P’s being ‘Pee, poop and puke’. I agreed and set out to figure out a very creative plan to take back the silence. But it was nearly 9 at night and I fell asleep. In the morning it seemed stupid and I realised my friend was being idiotic as usual (Sorry S… You are a total ASS).

My juvenile reactions were no doubt a side effect of 2 months of sleep deprivation and the one day they didn’t let their pet hippo to stomp around at night, I did manage to sleep fitfully and then realised… it was no use! Why was I trying to civilize people when it barely made any difference. They will never change… and I will only end up wasting my time and energy on some very very dim people. Also, in the very unicorn-sitting-on-the-rainbow scenario, if I actually do manage to make them realise their folly and change… given the transferable nature of our jobs, I might not be around for long to actually reap what I sowed. And I am definitely not the selfless types to let someone else get the benefit of my hard work!!!

So, I officially gave up trying to sleep, get some peace at the end of my tiring day and waging my war to civilize human beings. Now I put my faith in karma and pray like crazy that insomnia becomes their best friend and their eyes have bags under them big enough to accommodate their pet hippo and baby elephant!

PS:  Nevertheless, a huge thanks to them for providing me with enough material to vent, rant and write two whole posts!!! You guys ROCK… literally!

Pending Project #5382

I love doing a million things at the same time, restless hand syndrome or something like that. So you will find the TV blaring while I dance and cook and read too! I usually also have at least 5 ongoing  craft projects. I don’t know whether you remember but sometime around 2 years back I started Pickle’s room project. Although I continued filling it with toys, various activity centres and other colourful decor, I kept postponing the painting part of it. Yesterday I finally took a break from work and decided to finish it.

It was a lot of fun… I taught Pickle how to use the paintbrush and now I have a brightly coloured streaked floor, bedsheet, t-shirt and various toys. He not only managed to do it without me noticing but also picked up a bright orange to do it. Still, it was really great with him around getting excited about “Poo” and “Piggy” as they started emerging…

Surprisingly it didn’t take as much time as I expected. After barely 6 hours of work, this is the outcome:


Now, ever since I have been drawing/sketching/painting stuff… I seem to have a lot of difficulty with the facial features. I remember one time I drew an entire “Fair” ground painting with blank faces … I just don’t get it right. I even gave up portraits and cartoons because of this and concentrated only on landscapes for a long time.

Because of this I am really tempted to leave this as it is… dunno… let’s see if I do gather up the courage to draw the eyes and cute noses of Pooh and his friends…

Next aim is to paint some scene from Lion King. Though the scene atop the rock with Rafiki holding little Simba is the best, I am really tempted to paint the one with Simba, Pumba and Timon strutting their bums!!!


01 Jan 2016

It is that time of the year again when we make resolutions (to lose weight, smile more), reminisce the past  and hope with all our heart for a better time ahead.

Being a defence brat, the best part of my dad’s job (contrary to popular belief) was that it was transferable. I absolutely loved the idea that I could live in a new place, make new friends, learn new stuff and then move on before it became a monotonous routine. Every time we moved, I was more excited about the new place than of the things I was leaving behind. In hindsight, I think it was mostly because I looked forward to another chance, a chance to do things the right way… or maybe just better. There were lessons I learnt in a place and then implemented in the next one in the hope that it would be perfect. It never was, every place came with its own set of challenges, experiences and even mistakes.

New years are like that… we take stock of what has passed, offer our gratitude for the blessings we have had, count the strengths we have gained from surviving the challenges and close chapters on our losses! And then like the year before, we move on… with hope.

As a family, we have had a beautiful year. Yes, T was away a lot which made it difficult but I finally started driving the Xylo (oh yeah dude… that is like a huge thing), I also managed to figure out the fuse box, learnt the art of making the maintenance staff work and wash and cut a whole chicken without using gloves! Pickle is growing up way too quickly but it is the most astounding part of our lives right now.I used to worry about the effects of T’s absence on Pickle, but then I realised… Pickle was just being inducted into the defence way of life… And I’m proud to say he is turning out to be a perfect defence brat himself.

On a more personal front I discovered that I have a secret hoard of patience which is inexhaustible when Pickle is concerned. That I am turning out to be a pretty good parent and that I do manage to do pretty well when need arises. I rediscovered my love for books, music and poetry, learnt new crafts, managed to learn and cook a lot of new dishes and also started out a more healthier routine (and followed it through).

So I guess it’s time for my resolutions of the year to come. Instead of simply stating them, I have decided to categorise them…

  1. one resolution that I can break every five minutes : Not to swear  ( just to make sure I break it I am mumbling WTF under my breath every five minutes… whoever said breaking resolutions was fun…)
  2. one resolution that will help someone else : To volunteer for some NGO work, online or offline. To donate stuff more often instead of being lazy and stacking them under the bed and “plan” to donate them!
  3. one resolution that brings out the child in me: To sing loudly in the shower (some good songs instead of incy wincy spider)
  4. one resolution that makes me a healthier person: To take up one physical activity that motivates me to get up from the couch! ( I wonder if watching the TV standing makes the cut)
  5. one resolution that lets me indulge : To binge eat ice cream once a month without fail!!! ( ooh… maybe it should be every week… day???)
  6. one resolution that I will keep till the end of this year : To keep in touch more effectively, maybe even revert to handwritten cards and letters (can’t wait to use all the inland letters I have in stock… wait… are they still used???)
  7. one resolution that helps me learn something new: To learn a new language and clay modelling
  8. one resolution that marks the growth in me: To stop my mind from wandering over random useless thing and to stops stressing over things that don’t matter in the bigger picture (or maybe it should be to stop being a total Bitch…? Nah… I’m great at it)
  9. one resolution that I can break in six months and not feel bad: To lose the last few Kgs of my baby weight. Two piece bikini… here I come)
  10. one resolution that is long overdue: To start writing my journal seriously again. (No peeking T)

There… I have finished the obligatory new year post… and thanks for reading… now go back to your mindless TV watching…

Here’s wishing all my faithful readers ( the plural is a little too optimistic… but what the hell… it IS a new year) a very very happy and prosperous new year… May this new year make me write more stupid posts that you enjoy reading.

Love you all.

ps: The only reason I wrote today’s date as the title is cause ever since I stopped working I never find the need to write a date… anywhere!

pps: this post started out as a matured and wisdom-y thing but I still managed to drag it down to my level

ppps: seriously??? you are still reading this?

pppps: Okay seriously guys… you’re great and I love you but stop reading and go back to what you were doing

ppppps: Ha!!! Gotcha!!!

pppppps: I love post-scripts and now I have literally lost the count of Ps …


!@#$ thy Neighbors!!!

Okay I have been too polite about this way longer than required. Just cause the big book told me to be nice to my neighbors (no…not that one… the society handbook!) I have been extremely patient… but wake me in the middle of my beauty sleep for the 6718th time and you will have to deal with the beast in me!!!

One of the greatest perils of living in an apartment building with neighbors (or clog wearing frisky baby elephants) living upstairs is the abundance of weird and at times scary noises at pretty much every second of the day! From the time they wake up till they wake me up at midnight from my deep sleep and force me to write obscene things about them on the internet cause I can’t go back to sleep, I don’t think there is a single second of slience… EVER!!!

It’s all about the civic sense you have. Like common sense, it lacks in nearly 99.9 percent of people around. However, unlike common sense, it can be and should be taught in schools and people who don’t pass the test shouldn’t be let out in the civilised world! Seriously!!! How difficult is it to just remember that there are people living under your floor. Oh the arrogance and ignorance of the people living on the upper floors! I really want to take my power drill and drill a few holes on the terrace at 4 am tomorrow just cause I can!!!

Since I am on the first floor with people living downstairs, I am always extremely careful about things.

  • I don’t walk barefoot since I have a heavy tread( yeah right!!! ha ha ha)
  • Pickle isn’t allowed to ride his bike after 7 in the evening or before 10 in the morning and NEVER in the bedroom!
  • The days I need to hammer anything on the walls I make it a point to inform them and even take permission in case it is late in the night.
  • My downstairs neighbour, a total sweetheart, messages me to be a little quieter on the days her kid isn’t feeling too well and I always oblige.

But somehow I have had the beautiful luck of being blessed with upstairs neighbours who have absolutely no civic sense or decency. With both sets I have take the pains of messaging politely about the noise they were cause after 10 in the night. I even went personally to talk to them with a crying and sleepy Pickle to politely point out that the noise wasn’t letting him sleep… The previous neighbours said sorry and that their daughter was riding her bike around, with training wheels on!!! DUH!!! Ask her to stop… she is your daughter… like seriously!!!

The new neighbours simply denied creating any noise. So I told them to get their house exorcised cause if they weren’t making those loud weird noises, there was clearly some spirit living under their floors!!! But frankly I think people should be a little more caring towards others around… especially when you are living around them or above them! I can do a million things to annoy the hell out of you guys… grrr….

  • My love for death metal can awaken at wee hours of the morning … on my absolutely brilliant surround sound home theatre
  • I might take to playing squash on the ceiling
  • I could try nailing every freaking frame on the ceiling instead of the side walls
  • I could practice my skill at the kill-the-spider-on-the-ceiling-with-the-hammer

But I don’t… cause I’m being NICE… Now that I can’t sleep no more… I have to find something less destructive to while away my time… which probably means no more mean posts about my neighbors and definitely no midnight snacking on tubs of ice cream….Hmmm…. eh…. maybe just one spoon!!!

ps: I updated my whatsapp profile pic to this… I know it’s mean.. but so is waking me and Pickle up in the middle of our night!!!

To all upstairs people – Be kind and stop stomping around

To all the others – sleep tight !@$$%%#@$$##



Roadtrip #2: Kochi

I was still reeling from all the boozy haze of Goa’s loot when T managed to wriggle out another week of holiday. I found myself in the car once more with loads packed up for our roadtrip to the beautiful Kochi. Though you might think I was getting better at packing up for roadtrips… It wasn’t so very true. I still managed to pack every thing I could imagine us needing there along with a truck load of yarn for my crocheting projects. When would I find time for all that… was least of my concerns.


We drove straight to Vellore and stayed there overnight. It was a nostalgic time since I was back to where I spent four glorious years during my engineering. However, I was nearly shocked (not just surprised) to see the changes in that small town. I still remember the looks we used to get just for wearing jeans and now there were huge hotels, flyovers and malls too.

The second leg of the journey was absolutely gorgeous when we passed through the green fields and an amazing number of CCds (any sanitary stop on the way is a big blessing for my bladder). We stayed at the Deshadan resort where our cottage was beautiful and the water was like right there.

I also managed to get the whole body ayurvedic massage which was heavenly! The food was yummilious as well. We however ventured out for some of our meals and discovered these great places. There was one Cassia Hotel where we ate a buffet lunch for 300 odd bucks and it had chicken, prawns and fish!!! Of course we went back the second day as well so gorge some more.

We had another booking at the Turtle dove resort for just a day. Now a fair warning, this is the place you would love if you want no room service or wi fi to disturb you in the room and if you want to be lulled into your sleep by the nature’s noises outside. Being a little around the rainy weather a lot of slimy things were making their way out of their holes and it was a teensy bit irritating.

Their private beach however made up for the absence of room service.

We found this bakery around which had a restaurant on top. They too had a beautiful buffet- complete with beef, chicken, mutton and fish- only for 240 Rs. The only condition was that we couldn’t eat for more than an hour!!! It was like a dream come true… We hogged and hogged without any regard of the fact that we would be on the road the next day with no proper toilets on the route!

Of course we paid the price of our hunger pangs… and got delayed on the road since we kept stopping for bathroom breaks (not a nice feeling at all). But it was SO WORTH IT!!!

We did spend some time in the city as well… the beautiful malls and restaurant kept calling out to us but sadly we didn’t have the time. I managed to buy 50 books from Kerala Book house and also some 2 Kilos of freshly ground coffee. The synagogue, Chinese nets and all the other attractions were visited and carefully photographed too. I was definitely sad to leave Kochi, not just for the food but also for the fresh air and greenery.

We do hope to make it back once more someday…

The death of privacy!!!

I don’t know whether it is due to the web of social media or the simple lack of civic/common sense that makes people completely ignore the privacy of others…

I’m really really pissed off and I figured this was the best place to rant about it. So I usually never post pickle’s Pic or videos online cause I don’t like sharing my personal moments with everyone. However, the moment I send something to people , they promptly forward it to everybody on their list. It is SOOOOOO INFURIATING!!!

Seriously!!! I am his Mother, I will alone decide who gets to see the cute and personal moments of his life. But somehow they don’t get it. WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THEY DO THAT??? If they need to share, they can always show it to people… Imagine my disgust when I find that there are complete ALBUMS of my baby on random people’s phone and computer!!!

IT IS SO NOT FAIR!!! How in the world do you make people understand? It is just so disappointing and irritating when random people call you and tell you how cute your baby is since they receive all his pics and videos…

I really HATE this!!! I so want to share his growing moments with people but when they have no respect for his or my privacy… I don’t feel like doing it anymore.

Amazed at her strength…



I was gang raped three years ago, when I was 17 years old.  My name and my photograph appear with this article.  in  1983, in Manushi.

I grew up in Bombay, and am at present studying in the USA. I am writing a thesis on rape and came home to do research a couple of weeks ago. Ever since that day three years ago, I have been intensely aware of the misconceptions people have about rape, about those who rape and those who survive rape. I have also been aware of the stigma that attaches to survivors. Time and again, people have hinted that perhaps death would have been better than the loss of that precious“virginity.” I refuse to accept this. My lifeis worth too much to me.

I feel that many women keep silent to avoid this stigma, but suffer tremendous agony because of their silence. Men blame the victim for many reasons, and,shockingly, women too blame the victim, perhaps because of internalized patriarchal values, perhaps as…

View original post 1,339 more words

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 3,700 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 6 years to get that many views.

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This is an absolutely amazing thing. I dont’ think this is done here in India. But I would so love to be a part of this…


I am SO excited to share this information with all of you!!!

World Book Night 2013 is underway!!!

If you haven’t heard of it, you are in for a treat. And after you learn about it, please spread the word!

What is World Book Night? It is an annual celebration that spreads the love of reading. One on one. Person to person.

Tens of thousands of people go out into their communities on April 23 and hand out free books (half a million in the US, alone), sharing their love of reading.

World Book Night takes place in the US, in the UK and Ireland, and Germany with plans to expand to other countries as well.

Did you notice the FREE part?

I learned about it last year, and was fortunate enough to be selected to participate in the event. It was an awesome experience and I encourage anyone who…

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