Saesha Creations

After months of creating, photographing, uploading and then waiting, Saesha creations, my baby, is finally live on Check it out here.

I started out with just earrings, some quilled and some crocheted. I have plans to add some more hand made gifts that you can buy for your loved ones. My freelance work and Pickle’s schedule doesn’t leave me with much time, but I have enjoyed creating every thing on the list.

Please do check it out if you like everything Handmade!




Rakhi’s around the corner and in the middle of my glorious mommy time, I figured I will need to post rakhis to all my brothers (remember all the brothers I have ???). There is just one shop in my driving radius which has Rakhis but they were all either too gaudy or too costly… and I am not being cheap about it… I do not mind paying for a good rakhi but paying even 10 bucks for stupid looking stuff pisses me off. So I took it up as a crochet project and figured that it wouldn’t be that hard.

It really wasn’t. I figured out the pattern in about 4 tries and from then on it was quite simple. I tried to work only when Pickle was sleeping. Nowadays he has started bouncing on his bum in excitement, irritation, happiness or plain anger… (yeah… there’s absolutely no difference… it is like a Figure-it-out-yourself puzzle for me!!!). Every time he saw me with the crochet hook or the threads he managed to bounce on his bum hard and launched himself on me… He was like this little kitten with the wool. So I stopped crocheting when he was awake. That left me with very little time. But… I managed to get 14 Rakhis ready.


Posting them was a totally different story altogether. Last year only 2 people received my Rakhis which I had posted using the normal postal method (I used to have a great deal of faith on the Indian postal system). What was worse that all my brothers thought that I had conveniently forgotten to mail it and was just blaming the postal service. Anyhoo… this time around I wanted to ensure that they receive it, especially since I had spent so much time and energy making them. So I used the speed post… for which I had to stand in a queue ye long for almost 2 hours. Poor Pickle had a bad time in the heat.

Anyway… I atleast managed to send them all. So dear Brothers… have a happy Rakhi!!!

ps: Anyone who needs the pattern for this Rakhi (though I really doubt if anyone would be interested), please leave a comment and I shall find time to send you the same.

Monday Blues

Another week… another set of Monday Blues…

For all my lovely readers… This is what I was upto over the weekend… some scribbles of my favorite comic character ever. ( I am secretly hoping pickle is exactly like Calvin )!!!


I totally share his sentiment. Although I can’t say it aloud… or even think it inside my head… I do mean it!!!


I just spent the entire weekend doing nothing but I still want more time to do absolutely NOTHING!!!


Yup… I demand total Euphoria!!!

And these two are just universal sentiments that pretty much apply to ALL OF US… every single day of our lives!!!


Of Course in my case… ” I’d rather do anything than go to office!!!”



Happy monday blues dear readers!!! ( yup I’m surprisingly mean :))

Amigurumi I

To keep my restless hands busy, I have taken up the art of amigurumi ( I kinda got bored of crocheting mufflers and earrings).

It is very simple cause it requires some basic crocheting skills and a little patience. Here’s what all I have till now.


My first attempt at making a dolphin


I know I know, it looks more like a chick heheheh!!!


My second attempt…. still doesn’t look all perfect…..


Finally…. something a little better




My first tortoise


I know this looks strange and deformed… but i still found it very cute…

This is all for now… will post more soon…

Weekend Craft…

I was down with viral fever and was feeling too muchi low!!! so I decided to do something about the crochet basket, overflowing with yarns and various other supplies, that sits under my bed… hoping to be picked up and used…

I made two sets…(earrings, bracelet and a necklace.) Here’s the first one.


I also did a similar one in Red and Yellow with gold bearings. ( Forgot to click a snap of it). Ma was around and she wanted a Brooch for one of her sarees… and then she wanted one for every saree… So I came up with these… for the time being

Looking for more designs for my creations…. 🙂

Touch ups…

Venturing out into this amazing world of beautiful photography unarmed would not really make much sense… so I ( ok fine… WE….) bought a camera ( the trouble with marriage is that you have to share everything with a boy!!! hmmmmppphhhh) and I’ve been honing my editing skills a little…

here are a couple of pics I touched up… They are from a kashmir trip my folks took.


I have on and off tried my hand at photography. My dad had a Kodak film camera which I managed to hijack during the final year at my engineering college. I remember going nuts over it… I not only clicked my friends… enemies… and total strangers, I also managed to click a lot of random stuff like stones and leaves and what nots… of course when the developing bill finally came and I had to break into my piggy bank, I called all of that art and never clicked another picture with that camera ever again.

My nokia 5310’s camera was the next to be used in my photographic exploits. But ofcourse it was just a phase. I managed to acquire a Sony digi-cam, which was quite the rage then, and then really had a lot of fun photographing shadows and water droplets and waves and a lot of other idiotic stuff. I am now saving up for a DSLR which will finally give wings to my passion, finesse to my art and a big gaping hole in my bank account!!!

For the time being I am enjoying myself with my latest S2 and the brilliant 8 mp camera. Although I hate the effects of picassa and Instagram, I still doodled around and gave some brilliant effects to my pictures. For starters… here they are…


So Long!!!

Crochet Earrings

I know I have been very lazy about this project of mine… But finally I have my first batch of Crochet earrings ready. I am yet to experiment with colour combinations and more bead work… but check these out for the time being. Friends and Family can place orders 🙂





So there you are…. Have finished only so many… in case you want me to do some different design… lemme know…

So long…

First Photo shopped image

After years of planning and researching I finally did it.. I made my first photo-shopped pic. I know being a Computer science engineer I should have learnt it a long long time ago but it never happened… something or the other got in the way. Well this time around I just went ahead and took the bull by its horn 😛

And know what? It is so much fun… this is what my first try looked like…

I am getting more used to the whole tool and totally loving it… Though there are many online resources/tutorials and games available to help you learn, I suggest you just start of on your with some totally wacky idea… it’s just more fun that way. And in any case if you get stuck you will always have “Google deva”!!!

Happy photoshopping…

So long…

Memory Quilt

For my first Anniversary, I decided to gift my husband something with cotton ( first anniversary is Cotton). So I thought of simpler option wherein I could probably just buy him a cotton shirt and be done with it. The creative spark in me somehow managed to take over in the nick of time and I had this awesome idea. Ok, I shall agree that I happened to see “Step Mom” right about that time and the memory quilt in it was something that struck me as unique, well thought and dripping with love and affection. Thus started my journey towards creating the perfect memory quilt for my beloved.

I sorted through 100s of pictures and blogs on how to create a memory quilt. Finally I figured it out on my own.

I made a 6*6 quilt. Since every patchwork quilt is made up of shapes, I had to first determine the ones in mine, Somehow I didn’t have too much time to come up with a collage style, so I opted for the simplest cross patch. Alternating squares of different colours. Figured out the size of the squares… did a lot of math and finally figures out the exact number of squares in every row. 

The next big part was to figure out the cloth for the square patches. After a lot of market research(on prices and material), I zeroed in on a beautiful bedcover which was half dark blue and half sky blue and of a beautiful texture. I decided to add a few patches of light pink ( I hate the colour, but it kinda goes really well with the blue). To make it more interesting (and more troublesome), I decided to include a few patches which would contain our pictures. Cut out squares of s white synthetic (polyester) material and got the pictures printed on them using transfer paper. (any digital printer would be able to help you with it).


The herculean task was stitching the whole thing on my very very tiny electrical hand stitching machine(bought from e-bay). It took me 2 months, a completely cramped up neck and right hand, and hours spent under the table (to hide it from my hubby) to finally complete the whole stitching of the patches. I then had to stitch a back to the whole thing with a thin foam sheet in between to make it more “Quilt” like.

The resulting quilt is actually quite fabulous. Its a whole lot of hard work… but what makes it worthwhile is the smile it got on my sweetheart’s face.


So long….