Dear Readers…

I know my writing has been sporadic over the last three years. I won’t make my baby an excuse anymore. The truth is that I write my blogs… in my head these days. As I drive down the beach road and enjoying the beautiful sunset, I compose that heartfelt poem and store it. When Pickle says something incredibly cute, I immediately write it up, in my mind. The numerous pictures I take of everything I bake are in preparation for the post that never makes it to the page. At night, as I toss and turn, trying to mentally go through my to-do lists, I think of all the beautiful things I could be writing about and then pick sleep over all of that.

Just FYI, I am not lazy. People who know me will swear by it. I love to keep myself busy, and off late life has been going at warp speed. There have been instances when I have got Pickle ready for school on a Saturday and then had to take him for ghumi-ghumi. So, dearest readers, yes both of you, please bear with me as I work through a few more days of ridiculously busy schedules and then put down my equally ridiculous thoughts out here for you to read and like (you better!!!).

Thank you for all the support and appreciation and of course the mountain of patience!


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