Tough Decisions

Three years into my life as a Techie I concluded with complete confidence that I wasn’t meant to be one. So I decided to change tracks and get into something more… me. Cracked GMAT, CAT, MICAT and the Personal Interview to reach my dream B-School, MICA. As luck would have it, the marriage plans that I had successfully put on the back burners suddenly were the highlight of my life. I fell in love and what’s more is that it was literally love at first sight (Echhhh! right?). As they say, Life happens while you are busy making plans.

Since neither of us wanted to wait and indulge in a long-distance courtship period (we knew we had found the ONE), we got married in the beginning of my second year of college. It was not difficult at all since T was busy too. Luckily he was posted nearby and I could make weekend trips whenever I felt like. We got a temporary accommodation allocated to us and managed to establish a “home” in the midst of travelling, studies and crazy office hours.

A year later, I finally joined him with a great job and thought the hard part was over. Let’s be honest, long-distance isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. As I settled down to a home-work routine, I realised something about me. Behind all the craziness, I was quite a conventional person. I was also a control-freaky perfectionist, who simply had to do it all. I found myself cooking up storms, baking random stuff and working for nearly 18 hours a day. However, it was fun. T and I would dine out, catch up over movies and managed to cross paths at home at least twice a day. The job was paying well enough for me to repay my loans but wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. Within a year, I decided to forgo my bond amount at the company and shift. I got through many interviews and the blessed day arrived when I received my first acceptance. As an assistant brand manager for a media outlet. It was literally my dream come true.

Half an hour later T called with his news, he had been transferred to Vizag and we were moving in a week’s time. Being a naval daughter and wife, I have always been proud of the fact that I am good at moving lives. But that day, I wasn’t so sure. We spent the rest of the day talking and T vehemently proposed that I stay back in Mumbai and work. However, call it whatever, I decided I didn’t want to have a long-distance marriage. So I turned down the best offer of my career, pretty much gave up my career and moved with my husband.

The move wasn’t as smooth as I had hoped. T got busy and I fell into a weird depressing hole trying to piece back my life. There were no high paying jobs, in fact there were no jobs, period. I was overqualified for literally everything that the city had to offer. After 2 months of struggling I managed to get one job which eventually led me to another which helped me pay back my loan and settle down in the new place.

Now and then, I get these nostalgic pangs of having lost my career but you know what, I never regret it and I’d do it all over again given a choice. I have a beautiful family life and I have known what content is, first hand. That makes it difficult to go back to a life which doesn’t offer me much happiness. I have transformed into a domestic goddess which I didn’t see happening in a million years, but stranger things have happened!

Life is just a collection of the decisions we make. I had to make a few hard ones but I am truly blessed to have landed where I am right now. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.


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