The Old-dress-rejuvenation project.

So… it’s been three years since the delivery and I haven’t really been able to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight or figure. The frustrating part is where I have to go shopping for new clothes since the old ones don’t fit. There are also certain dresses which were gifted and aren’t really my style or are missing a few components but are too dear for me to throw them away.

That is why this project was born. Over the next few weeks/months I plan to take my old dresses and upgrade them to something that I would love to wear. Using my skills of sewing and crochet I have already managed to upgrade three such dresses.

Here’s a glimpse.

This one was a sleeveless jumpsuit that was tight on my waist. So I made it into a dress with butterfly sleeves.


This one was fine but I figured a little crocheted edging on the sleeves will uplift the look… and it did!

And this last one was an old beloved denim dress with missing straps. So I did this…

There are piles of clothes waiting for me to reinvent them and I am having so much fun doing it. Keep in touch for more updates.

So long!


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