And 2017 is here…

A very happy new year to all you guys.

2016 was pretty awesome. There were a LOT of firsts for me. There was the epic roadtrip, the home shift, the broken ankle and of course the marathons. As I scrolled through my friend’s FB updates this year, I experienced mixed feelings. While some of them made me smile, there were those which made me wonder a lot about my life. Things have definitely changed in the last three years. From a full-time professional kicking ass in the office I have become a SuperMom (Yup! I don’t do anything half-assed!).

The transition hasn’t been easy or smooth and is still a work in progress. While on one hand I want to give Pickle every bit of attention, I also find myself losing my personal identity in the whole process. There are regrets, decisions that haunt but also unadulterated joy and happiness that I finally found in life.

Taking stock of the year has never been my strong suit. However, given the new things I have tried and succeeded at, in year gone by, I do feel proud of myself. Looking forward I know making plans and resolutions won’t work for me. My world is ruled by my 3 year old sweetheart and weirdly, I actually love it.

Some of the stuff worth a mention: I did finish my reading challenge of 75 books last year. (Gawd!!! I know it’s just the first day of the new year, but I love saying ‘last year’). I also participated in 3 marathons, had my first handmade Rakhi exhibition and Bake sale. I started crossfit and have been enjoying every bit of the new me.

Some stuff I am not so proud of: I grossly neglected my blog. Wasn’t my intention but I guess I didn’t really have much to write about. I also haven’t managed to keep my online shop updated and I really need to get it up and running again. I also had plans for a library setup at home which kept getting sidetracked and my books are still in boxes. The heaps of old clothes still need a home.

So here’s what I am gonna do.

  • Try to write at least once in two days
  • Make at least 4 items for the online shop every week
  • Free my book babies from the boxes and at least start painting the loft.
  • Donate old stuff and re-stitch, alter or re-design some of the clothes I really want to keep.

I also want to start a few classes this year once Pickle starts his school. I know I said I won’t be making any plans or resolutions, but the start of a new year doesn’t feel special till you have made these lists, isn’t it?

I am pretty sure most of you guys have done much better on your last year’s resolution than me. Hope you have a beautiful year ahead …

Loads of love!!!


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