Lava – West Bengal Forest Resort

Oh kay…. Resort is a little stretched, Forest however, bang on! And… it was COLD, contrary to what its name might lead someone to believe.


This gorgeous place is isolated and so far away from civilization (not really because right outside there is like a whole gamut of restaurants, hotels and souvenir shops…but in theory it is pretty far) that it makes for an awesome tech free family vacation. The cottage was an adorable little thing with just a bed, blankets and a geyser in the bathroom. With mist all around and nothing much to do we un-winded and geared up for our drive back home which was sure to be a pain in all the wrong places, quite literally!


The food is served in a small canteen there and needs to be ordered before hand. However, if you don’t mind the walk, you can always go down the hill to eat at one of numerous restaurants there. Feel free to hog and overeat cause the walk up the hill will take care of it. We did try to venture out the next day to visit a tea garden but the heavy rains decided for us and we returned after only taking pictures of it. The slimy creatures all over, the deafening silence and the night long power cuts were the only inconveniences we faced and only because Pickle made us switch on our flashlight for the whole night because he hates the dark.

Though a very relaxing getaway, we sure were thankful to be leaving it and didn’t mind an early start. From Lava we headed towards Siliguri and went through the same painful stretch where we were literally sitting for hours. After driving like crazy and doing a lot of off-roading, we managed to reach the hotel we had planned to stay the night at. A hotel bed has never been this alluring in my life. The next day, another early start and a long long… long journey later we finally reached home. The drive was pretty eventful since we literally ate breakfast, of chocos and cold milk out of a tin mug, in the car, munched through hot wings bought from a KFC on the way and I got to do an entire stretch of driving while T ‘tried’ to sleep. Of course it was only for 40 minutes but the most active ones in Pickle’s day, so I got to enjoy T’s condition from afar!!!

Overall the whole roadtrip was fabulous and I can’t wait to do more… ok… not really. This was kinda enough for this year… or maybe not. With Leh and Rajasthan on the cards, you never know.



One thought on “Lava – West Bengal Forest Resort

  1. […] our journey back we went to Lava which is a Forest resort in West Bengal and spent two whole days decompressing and relaxing in total […]


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