I give up!

I give up!!!

After waging a very civil and sarcastic (yes… me being sarcastic is me being civil ) war with my insensitive and weird neighbours which included posting mean blogs, updating whataspp DP with meaningful pictures and cribbing to anyone who would listen… I am finally ready to give up!

I tried. I tried talking TO them… then I tried talking AT them… and I even tried talking ABOUT them. However, nothing worked at all. Dealing with people in denial is a whole different ball game than dealing with insensitive or rude ones. When we tried discussing, we were asked to’research’ the source of sound. The ‘faulty construction’ of the building was blamed as well. Yes sweetheart… that’s what this is… the B-grade cement used in construction is the reason why things drop on your floor and your furniture keeps moving around in the middle of the night! And the low quality bricks used is why hammers keep falling on nails and elephants run wild in your house. My conviction in the presence of spirits is a way better reason than that at least!!!

When I finally stopped indulging in juvenile acts of putting up mean DPs, one of my oldest friends from engineering college told me not to give up. He reminded me of my college days and told me to make use of the reliable 3P tool! The 3 P’s being ‘Pee, poop and puke’. I agreed and set out to figure out a very creative plan to take back the silence. But it was nearly 9 at night and I fell asleep. In the morning it seemed stupid and I realised my friend was being idiotic as usual (Sorry S… You are a total ASS).

My juvenile reactions were no doubt a side effect of 2 months of sleep deprivation and the one day they didn’t let their pet hippo to stomp around at night, I did manage to sleep fitfully and then realised… it was no use! Why was I trying to civilize people when it barely made any difference. They will never change… and I will only end up wasting my time and energy on some very very dim people. Also, in the very unicorn-sitting-on-the-rainbow scenario, if I actually do manage to make them realise their folly and change… given the transferable nature of our jobs, I might not be around for long to actually reap what I sowed. And I am definitely not the selfless types to let someone else get the benefit of my hard work!!!

So, I officially gave up trying to sleep, get some peace at the end of my tiring day and waging my war to civilize human beings. Now I put my faith in karma and pray like crazy that insomnia becomes their best friend and their eyes have bags under them big enough to accommodate their pet hippo and baby elephant!

PS:  Nevertheless, a huge thanks to them for providing me with enough material to vent, rant and write two whole posts!!! You guys ROCK… literally!


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