Pending Project #5382

I love doing a million things at the same time, restless hand syndrome or something like that. So you will find the TV blaring while I dance and cook and read too! I usually also have at least 5 ongoing  craft projects. I don’t know whether you remember but sometime around 2 years back I started Pickle’s room project. Although I continued filling it with toys, various activity centres and other colourful decor, I kept postponing the painting part of it. Yesterday I finally took a break from work and decided to finish it.

It was a lot of fun… I taught Pickle how to use the paintbrush and now I have a brightly coloured streaked floor, bedsheet, t-shirt and various toys. He not only managed to do it without me noticing but also picked up a bright orange to do it. Still, it was really great with him around getting excited about “Poo” and “Piggy” as they started emerging…

Surprisingly it didn’t take as much time as I expected. After barely 6 hours of work, this is the outcome:


Now, ever since I have been drawing/sketching/painting stuff… I seem to have a lot of difficulty with the facial features. I remember one time I drew an entire “Fair” ground painting with blank faces … I just don’t get it right. I even gave up portraits and cartoons because of this and concentrated only on landscapes for a long time.

Because of this I am really tempted to leave this as it is… dunno… let’s see if I do gather up the courage to draw the eyes and cute noses of Pooh and his friends…

Next aim is to paint some scene from Lion King. Though the scene atop the rock with Rafiki holding little Simba is the best, I am really tempted to paint the one with Simba, Pumba and Timon strutting their bums!!!



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