!@#$ thy Neighbors!!!

Okay I have been too polite about this way longer than required. Just cause the big book told me to be nice to my neighbors (no…not that one… the society handbook!) I have been extremely patient… but wake me in the middle of my beauty sleep for the 6718th time and you will have to deal with the beast in me!!!

One of the greatest perils of living in an apartment building with neighbors (or clog wearing frisky baby elephants) living upstairs is the abundance of weird and at times scary noises at pretty much every second of the day! From the time they wake up till they wake me up at midnight from my deep sleep and force me to write obscene things about them on the internet cause I can’t go back to sleep, I don’t think there is a single second of slience… EVER!!!

It’s all about the civic sense you have. Like common sense, it lacks in nearly 99.9 percent of people around. However, unlike common sense, it can be and should be taught in schools and people who don’t pass the test shouldn’t be let out in the civilised world! Seriously!!! How difficult is it to just remember that there are people living under your floor. Oh the arrogance and ignorance of the people living on the upper floors! I really want to take my power drill and drill a few holes on the terrace at 4 am tomorrow just cause I can!!!

Since I am on the first floor with people living downstairs, I am always extremely careful about things.

  • I don’t walk barefoot since I have a heavy tread( yeah right!!! ha ha ha)
  • Pickle isn’t allowed to ride his bike after 7 in the evening or before 10 in the morning and NEVER in the bedroom!
  • The days I need to hammer anything on the walls I make it a point to inform them and even take permission in case it is late in the night.
  • My downstairs neighbour, a total sweetheart, messages me to be a little quieter on the days her kid isn’t feeling too well and I always oblige.

But somehow I have had the beautiful luck of being blessed with upstairs neighbours who have absolutely no civic sense or decency. With both sets I have take the pains of messaging politely about the noise they were cause after 10 in the night. I even went personally to talk to them with a crying and sleepy Pickle to politely point out that the noise wasn’t letting him sleep… The previous neighbours said sorry and that their daughter was riding her bike around, with training wheels on!!! DUH!!! Ask her to stop… she is your daughter… like seriously!!!

The new neighbours simply denied creating any noise. So I told them to get their house exorcised cause if they weren’t making those loud weird noises, there was clearly some spirit living under their floors!!! But frankly I think people should be a little more caring towards others around… especially when you are living around them or above them! I can do a million things to annoy the hell out of you guys… grrr….

  • My love for death metal can awaken at wee hours of the morning … on my absolutely brilliant surround sound home theatre
  • I might take to playing squash on the ceiling
  • I could try nailing every freaking frame on the ceiling instead of the side walls
  • I could practice my skill at the kill-the-spider-on-the-ceiling-with-the-hammer

But I don’t… cause I’m being NICE… Now that I can’t sleep no more… I have to find something less destructive to while away my time… which probably means no more mean posts about my neighbors and definitely no midnight snacking on tubs of ice cream….Hmmm…. eh…. maybe just one spoon!!!

ps: I updated my whatsapp profile pic to this… I know it’s mean.. but so is waking me and Pickle up in the middle of our night!!!

To all upstairs people – Be kind and stop stomping around

To all the others – sleep tight !@$$%%#@$$##




One thought on “!@#$ thy Neighbors!!!

  1. […] waging a very civil and sarcastic (yes… me being sarcastic is me being civil ) war with my insensitive and weird neighbours which included posting mean blogs, updating whataspp DP […]


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