Gifting guide for husbands

I am brilliant at giving gifts ( and bragging about it). I almost always manage to find the best combination of useful, well-priced and thoughtful presents for my loved ones(unless you are not someone I am really fond of and then you only get some weird bouquet of flowers or some random gift from some random store ).

For T’s birthdays, valentines and our anniversaries, I usually do a lot of research to come up with perfect gifts… something that he loves, something that he truly needs and something that shouts out loud how much I adore him. So from naming stars in the sky after him, hand stitching a complete memory quilt to getting him the perfect set of wooden cuff links for our wooden anniversary I usually manage to top myself every year.

T however (like pretty much all the guys I know) falls short in this department. His usual excuses are lack of time/energy… or the most used, “you have very unique taste in things and I don’t want to insult you by not meeting your expectations”! Seriously ??? As lousy as he is with gifts, he does have a way with words.

Last week in an attempt to hide my weight issues I figured buying new clothes will be much easier and convenient than trying to think of excuses for not exercising. As I raked up quite a hefty charge on T’s card ( mine miraculously disappears during such outings), he thoughtfully nodded at the number and made the grave mistake of saying, “I did want to get you here for your birthday shopping… good that we finally made it”. This was his very lame attempt at making up for the fact that he once again (6th time in row) managed to NOT get me something nice for my birthday.

I snorted, in a very un-lady-like-sinetheta kind of way and rolled my eyes at him to indicate that this is NOT a birthday gift. He gave me those cute puppy dog eyes and said, “But isn’t this better, I pay you shop?” Well on any ordinary day… YES!!! It is awesome (apart from the fact that I absolutely hate shopping and usually manage to avoid it by wearing my mom’s stuff till she goes and buys my stuff). But it’s a definite NO-NO for special occasions. After all T’s not my aunt from the faraway land who sends me money to spend on my birthday (Now I wish I did have such an aunt…).

Also, after marriage most guys take us for granted and forget that we need someone to make us feel special and precious. So to help out T (of course this won’t really work since apart from lousy gift-giving talent he also has a I-totally-forgot-what-you-said skill) and the other guys I know, here’s a list of Do’s and Dont’s for Gifting your special lady.

(In case you are a guy and hoping I would create a similar list for girls/women, sorry boss!!! We women are awesome at whatever we buy, whether it is the 10th brown wallet or the 5th green T-shirt. Plus you guys barely have that many choices and the fact that we are your special ones… is a gift for your lifetime. So there’s no need for such a list and if you want one, go write your own blog! Pfffttttt)

  • If you can use it, it is NOT a gift

Now a DSLR is a good thing but do you promise that you won’t touch it unless it is to click my fabulous DPs? No? That’s it… Not a gift.

  • It’s not the House’s Birthday.

A mixer, a TV, an Invertor are things that you use for the betterment of the household… So kindly do not buy expensive vacuum cleaners and call it a gift for my pretty hands!!!

  • I literally have a 1000 gift lists (and so does every other girl out there)

Ok 1000 is probably an exaggeration, its more like… a 100… or maybe 5…? Well I do have wish lists on every shopping app… That’s more than enough. And you have my passwords (at least the ones to my public wish lists). CHECK them dodo!!! They are not for me to remember what to buy but to guide you about what I WANT. So do us both a favour and go through them. Of course everything’s costly on the list… why else would it be a wish list? If those were affordable they would be on my already-bought list.

  • Clothes are not really gifts

Unless they are exorbitantly priced and something I wouldn’t normally buy out of consideration for your sweat and labor spent in earning the monthly salary. Yes the Label matters… What can I say, I am a material Gurl!!!

  • A little twinkle always works

Remember the adage (or is it a proverb? Fact? The holy truth?) “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. When in doubt… always think GLITTER! The more the merrier!!!

  • Books

They are amazing things to buy for me since I LOUUUWWE them … ( and here comes the…) but, they are more like the weekly/monthly groceries we buy not exactly a gift stuff unless it is a first edition/autographed/sat on/smooched by copy of my favorite book. A 100 books might make the cut off though 😉

So unless you are absolutely sure, don’t assume they would make great gifts for your lady.

  • Flowers DIE 😦

First : I hate flowers, they give me the heebie-jeebies and make me sneeze.

Second: When they die I have to buy more for their funeral and beh… it’s just a sad little circle of life right in my living room.

That said, I do appreciate a bouquet or two even without any special occasion ( as long as you clean up the mess before I wake up the next day).

  • Snuggly wuggly?

We are all cute and total kids at heart. You will still find that special someone standing on our bedside table wherever we are and however old we are. So yeah, a soft toy is a good idea … when accompanying the REAL gift not as a standalone.

  • Techie Jazz

An Ipod for a music lover, a kindle for a bookworm, a fitness band for the health freak , all make amazing gifts. Take some time out to personalize them to make them seem less cold and more cozy. Fill them with her favorite music, books or apps to let her know you care!

  • Stuff made with love!!!

Paint something, mixed tapes (or CDs/iPods) still rule, bake a cake (even the salty ones will do), give her a spa day, a day off from housie stuff will do too. The point is to take out some time and put some effort into the gift.

Okayyyy the list kind of turned out to be more of a “me” list (once again). But I am sure you guys will find some useful nugget of information if you dig down real deep.

Now that you know-it-all, go and buy me something pretty!


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