Roadtrip #2: Kochi

I was still reeling from all the boozy haze of Goa’s loot when T managed to wriggle out another week of holiday. I found myself in the car once more with loads packed up for our roadtrip to the beautiful Kochi. Though you might think I was getting better at packing up for roadtrips… It wasn’t so very true. I still managed to pack every thing I could imagine us needing there along with a truck load of yarn for my crocheting projects. When would I find time for all that… was least of my concerns.


We drove straight to Vellore and stayed there overnight. It was a nostalgic time since I was back to where I spent four glorious years during my engineering. However, I was nearly shocked (not just surprised) to see the changes in that small town. I still remember the looks we used to get just for wearing jeans and now there were huge hotels, flyovers and malls too.

The second leg of the journey was absolutely gorgeous when we passed through the green fields and an amazing number of CCds (any sanitary stop on the way is a big blessing for my bladder). We stayed at the Deshadan resort where our cottage was beautiful and the water was like right there.

I also managed to get the whole body ayurvedic massage which was heavenly! The food was yummilious as well. We however ventured out for some of our meals and discovered these great places. There was one Cassia Hotel where we ate a buffet lunch for 300 odd bucks and it had chicken, prawns and fish!!! Of course we went back the second day as well so gorge some more.

We had another booking at the Turtle dove resort for just a day. Now a fair warning, this is the place you would love if you want no room service or wi fi to disturb you in the room and if you want to be lulled into your sleep by the nature’s noises outside. Being a little around the rainy weather a lot of slimy things were making their way out of their holes and it was a teensy bit irritating.

Their private beach however made up for the absence of room service.

We found this bakery around which had a restaurant on top. They too had a beautiful buffet- complete with beef, chicken, mutton and fish- only for 240 Rs. The only condition was that we couldn’t eat for more than an hour!!! It was like a dream come true… We hogged and hogged without any regard of the fact that we would be on the road the next day with no proper toilets on the route!

Of course we paid the price of our hunger pangs… and got delayed on the road since we kept stopping for bathroom breaks (not a nice feeling at all). But it was SO WORTH IT!!!

We did spend some time in the city as well… the beautiful malls and restaurant kept calling out to us but sadly we didn’t have the time. I managed to buy 50 books from Kerala Book house and also some 2 Kilos of freshly ground coffee. The synagogue, Chinese nets and all the other attractions were visited and carefully photographed too. I was definitely sad to leave Kochi, not just for the food but also for the fresh air and greenery.

We do hope to make it back once more someday…


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