Social irritants (JBB)

Ok, I recently discovered that there are actual people in this world who are so jobless and pathetic that they get together and plan their meanness because they have nothing better to do than poking their ugly noses in others’ business. (Boy!!! am I in an bad mood).

A few weeks back I met two women in the shopping complex. Unfortunately it was a really bad day for me ( PMS, Maid issues, Hubby away for too long etc). After the usual small talk they said that Pickle looked like T. I usually don’t ever comment on such observations but one of them went on and on about how his eyes and nose and chin and hair were an exact replica of my hubby. Now I love T, like a lot… but Pickle looks nothing like him. Other than his complexion he is pretty much his own self with maybe a few things that are similar to mine… his round face and pudgy nose. But everytime people see him they feel the ridiculous need to compare him with T just ’cause he is so fair.

As I said, I usually overlook these comments since it barely mattes. But that day was not a good one for me and I kinda got pissed off. Worse, I let it show on my face as I said bye and walked off rudely. Anyway, the day passed by and it would have been forgotten if it hadn’t been for another incident exactly a day later. I met another lady of the same group and she literally started her conversation with the words, “I’m so sorry”. I was quite confused as I asked her the reason. She replied, “I am sorry that your son looks nothing like you. He is an exact replica of his dad”. That’s when it struck me that these useless, jobless ladies had actually got together over chai-pani or whatever and discussed my irritation. Then they had come up with the whole plan to diss me off further. Imagine that!!!

Anyway, I told her that it just proved that it WAS really my husband’s child and if Pickle did look like me it wouldn’t be a good thing ’cause he would just end up looking too feminine… not something I would want for my boy. Then before she could take her foot out of her mouth and say another word, I walked off. Oh I would have loved to stay and give her a piece of my mind but I figured if they all were so bored that “I” was their best gossip story then I shouldn’t really kick them when they are down!

Anywho… I am hoping they leave me alone next time.


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