Dil Dhadakne Do – A review.

Zoya Akhtar You Rock!!!

Once in a while, you get to read a book or watch a movie that totally gets you and has that feel good factor about it. Dil Dhadakne Do is definitely one such film.

Although I love my books to be gory, thrilling and even mysterious, I prefer my movies to be light and airy with not much melodrama which is usual in every Bollywood Movie (even the copies and the remakes!!!). So I don’t generally watch Bollywood stuff. Recently two movie trailers caught my attention and thanks to the marketing team, I was really looking forward to watching both. One was Bombay Velvet and the other was Dil Dhadakne Do. While one was a total bust, the other made me come out of my self imposed hibernation and write this.

I remember watching the multi-cast movies like “Love Actually”, “Valentine’s Day” etc. and wondering when our movies will finally grow up. Thanks to Zoya, I have my answer now. This doesn’t mean there haven’t been good, matured movies before… Dil Chahta hain is a great example. However, with the recent crop of random movies I had totally lost faith. PIKU was in itself a great stepping stone as well. However, DDD made me smile… and laugh like a total lunatic… after a very long time. Although it made Pickle and T freak out a little but totally worth it.

Every facet of the movie is truly exceptional, the screenplay, the casting (Oh the casting!!! Anil Kapoor has completely astounded me. Priyanka and Shefali were their usual amazing selves… Ranveer… was Ranveer… more about him later… in fact I might just dedicate a whole post to him!!!), the dialogues (although a couple of them were a teeny weeny bit cheesy but for maybe the first time, I have seen a movie with such honest conversations and as I mentioned before, PIKU comes close too) and of course the songs. The movie in its entirety was truly worth the wait and the watch.

What struck me the most about the movie is that it was all so true. Alright we all do not have rich parents, or business backgrounds or cruises to fall in love on but we all do have parents who put on their good faces in public “for society’s sake” or that total lukkha younger brother who has no idea what he wants to do in life or that amazing sister/daughter who in spite of being an overachiever, is never on the forefront just cause she’s a girl. We also have fathers who bribe us into getting that prestigious “engineering” degree if not a girl, the mother who screams like a lunatic and slaps you while hugging you in fright and delight, the brother who is always our partner in crime come what may and the sister who feels it is her “duty” to keep everyone happy. We have all been on that side of the conversation when we kept silent although there was a shitload of stuff to be said, or times when we just hoped the others would speak their heart out instead of pretending everything was fine or the dilemmas we have faced when our hearts and minds have clashed over issues.

The little jokes, punchlines and even certain slapstick dialogues that peppered the movie were so in sync with the whole plot. Overall, I think this movie is going into my stash, the one which I often break open on rainy days or happy days or even sad days along with my blankie just to feel good about life. I would suggest you go and watch it if you want to watch something sensible and grown up. Of course there are still loopholes and other grey areas which if you want to nitpick, can be very helpful. But as they say, every heart beats with a different rhythm, so let it… Dil Dadhakne Do!!!


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