Bombay Velvet – A Review.

Did you happen to watch the trailer of this movie? It is absolutely Fabulous!!! Ranvir has that Shammi Kapoor look, every thing looks beautifully retro, there is so much magic that it totally entices you and makes you want to watch the movie, whatever it may take.

I have watched a lot of crappy movies in my life. And there have also been times when I have loved the movies people trashed (Sanwariya is such an example). So when my friends told me that the movie was full of it, I didn’t trust them. I still went ahead and watched it. To say the Bombay Velvet is a poor and sad excuse for a movie, is definitely an overstatement. Except for the “look and feel” and maybe a few songs, there is barely anything to be watched. There is no storyline to speak of, I mean come on!!! Seriously??? All of THAT over a negative??? Seriously??? Seriously???

Casting was weird too… it was almost as if everybody was trying too hard to be all retro… so hard that they just felt … weird… and wrong somehow. Ranvir might have done a great job in Barfi, but he totally stunk up the place in this movie and I expected so much more from Anushka. Ok let’s get one thing straight… Karan Johar CANNOT ACT!!! So please let’s not even go there. The other characters were… literally “extras”.

Anurag kashyap put too much effort in getting the look right but barely paid attention to anything else. I am no expert of that era, so I won’t comment on it, but it just didn’t seem… right. He tried to overdo the gangsta stuff or whatever… it just didn’t make sense. See this is the mark of a bad movie, once it ends, you cannot remember anything about it!!! Absolutely nothing.

I wish I could say something good about it, but it has pissed me off so royally that I only look forward to someone else making fun of it. Now that I will really like! In case you too have been psyched with the movie, go watch Dil Dhadakne Do.


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