Roadtrip #1 : Goa!

I met T in 2009, got hitched the next year and kept planning to make a trip down to Goa every single year after that. Somehow we never did make it, it was either my job or his which kept us away. There was this one time when we even booked the tickets and hotels only to cancel them in the last minute since he got recalled. Well… that’s life!

Anywho… this April he suddenly called me up from work and told me he’s got his leave approved. Although it was last minute, we managed to book our room in Goa and the next day we simply loaded up our car and took off. Of course with Pickle around I had many misgivings and the thought of managing a toddler (inside a car, however big) for two whole days was already giving me an ulcer but we did it anyway. The only comforting part was that I could take as many things as I wanted to (my favorite part of road-tripping). So starting from a nail-cutter to 5 extra pillows were all graciously dumped into the car as we took off at 5 in the morning with the sun barely on the horizon. The journey, the stay and Pickle were all absolutely amazing. Pickle was pretty happy to be in the car and although he was a little cranky on the second day on the road, it was overall very manageable and exciting.


We made a stop at Hyderabad overnight and still managed to reach Goa the next day by sundown. I have been to Goa twice before, first when Dad was posted there and I was a toddler running around in my underwear (that’s what my neighbours still tell me) and the second when I visited it with friends in 2008. This time however, it was a whole new experience. I fell in love with the place to say the least and I am not talking about the booze, pubs or any of the party scene that the place is usually associated with (ok maybe a little bit because of my favorite Old Monk). We had booked the “Mango Large” room in Jasminn hotel which is pleasant little placed tucked away in Betalbatim (close to Colva Beach). in South Goa.

IMG_20150410_194410 IMG_20150410_194350

We were lucky to get a great deal on the room charges and the suite was very nice too. With a microwave and a refrigerator I was totally at home since I could easily whip up Pickle’s food in the room itself. We had 4 days to go around and spent every moment exploring the place. We did the usual touristy thing as well… the beaches, the museum and the churches.



With Pickle our night outs were not feasible but we didn’t really mind since we managed to gorge heavenly food at some of finest places.

IMG_20150412_162019  La Plage, at Ashwem had a great menu. We however went there for their famous “Chocolate Thali” and the private beach.IMG_0180

Thalassa was this divine greek restaurant with a breathtaking view. We plan to stay at their huts the next time we’re in Goa.

                                       IMG_0197The Chocolate Thali at La Plage


 The Fresh Catch at Thalassa. 

With Mickey’s right around the corner and our trips to Tito’s, Britto’s, Thalassa and La Plage, life was dreamy and perfect. We also stuffed ourselves with the famous Goan sausages and a lot of sea food. What we really loved about South goa was the homey feeling. People around were warm and friendly too. Yes, 4 days were far too less and we were already missing Goa by the time we reached Hyderabad on our way back.

Pickle was a total sweetheart and loved the beaches and the long drives. Although I did have my set of misgivings about the whole trip, I did have a, much required, relaxed time. Apart from dawdling around on beaches and over-eating delicious non-veg, we managed to catch up on some quality family time!



IMG_0325  IMG_0289

IMG_0269 IMG_0078


Our Loot!!!

Already looking forward to the next time we are there!


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