The death of privacy!!!

I don’t know whether it is due to the web of social media or the simple lack of civic/common sense that makes people completely ignore the privacy of others…

I’m really really pissed off and I figured this was the best place to rant about it. So I usually never post pickle’s Pic or videos online cause I don’t like sharing my personal moments with everyone. However, the moment I send something to people , they promptly forward it to everybody on their list. It is SOOOOOO INFURIATING!!!

Seriously!!! I am his Mother, I will alone decide who gets to see the cute and personal moments of his life. But somehow they don’t get it. WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THEY DO THAT??? If they need to share, they can always show it to people… Imagine my disgust when I find that there are complete ALBUMS of my baby on random people’s phone and computer!!!

IT IS SO NOT FAIR!!! How in the world do you make people understand? It is just so disappointing and irritating when random people call you and tell you how cute your baby is since they receive all his pics and videos…

I really HATE this!!! I so want to share his growing moments with people but when they have no respect for his or my privacy… I don’t feel like doing it anymore.


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