If you can’t beat them, make them join u!!!

So, 2014 has flown away but Pickle’s weight hasn’t… yup I’m calling it “Pickle’s weight”. It is technically correct since it is the weight I put on while “making” him. Anywho, I tried everything from dieting (a chocolate slab at the end of each day is NOT cheating) to exercise routines (running after Pickle IS considered to be exercise), but the weight is sticking to me (it probably has grown real fond of me).

I believe the basic problem lies in the fact that as long as I am fit and healthy I really don’t mind that my arm fat jiggles on its own and I still look 5 month pregnant! And until I am fine with the extra weight, I don’t think I will be working too hard at losing it. So, now plan B… I’m gonna concentrate on making others fat!!!

Plan B:

1. Make delicious baked products and other fattening stuff

2. Offer them to all your pretty friends and neighbours

3. Eat it yourself too!!! (Ok this part might not really help me but… who can resist a chocolate caramel cake?)

4. Repeat from step 1 to 3 till they acquire as much weight as you want them to!

Wow, in a perfect world that is SO going to work… Anyway I’m off to bake a molten lava cake… Have fun!


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