What did YOU do on New Year’s Eve???

New Year’s Eve is SO overrated!!!

Seriously, think about it. You can go out for a drink, dancing, dinner or random pub hopping on any (in fact, EVERY) night of the year. So why make such a big deal of that one last day of the year?

It is after all, just another day. It doesn’t physically end or begin anything, nor does it catastrophically change anything, then why the hullabaloo? In plain words, it is just a day marking the end of a calendar year. That IS IT!!! So stop using it as an excuse to drink more, party hard or kiss random people as the clock strikes 12. And for the love of all things pretty in the world STOP bugging about what I did on New Year’s Eve. Just ‘cause you went ahead and had random fun with stupid people and stupid drinks does not mean I have to do the same.

If you know exactly what you want to OR would be doing on New Year (which in my case is never possible due to T’s ridonculous schedule), it is a breeze. But try making plans at the last minute cause T is suddenly able to get away from work, and you will find it a nightmarish experience. I remember one time when we were stuck in the crazy traffic and had to wish each other in the car and then there was that time when we left a party at ten in search of good food, only to be welcomed by loooooong waiting queues everywhere we went. By the time we found a place (that too a freaking vegetarian one), it was 12, my mood was totally bitchy and thus the moment was ruined. We ended back at home with a sad parcel of veg biriyani which was too bleh to eat. Last year I was way too exhausted to even stay awake till 12 and I knew Pickle would wake up for his feed anyway, so we slept off and as promised, Pickle woke us up at 11:45 so we could wish each other.

After years of mishap, we have learnt to enjoy the new year on the 1st of January instead. Like this year, we went for a nice dinner on the 1st. There was barely any traffic on the roads and the restaurant was pleasantly empty as well. Anywho, I had fun welcoming 2015 quietly with T by my side and Pickle tucked up in his dreamland (ahh… ). Here’s wishing you all gorgeous readers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year…

FYI, this random rant has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I spent my New Year’s eve eating cake dough and watching some crappy sitcoms instead of getting drunk, dancing wildly and taking a million selfies for FB!!!


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