what 2014 taught me…

Apart from learning how truly amazing I am, the past year did teach me something more (definitely note humility). So here’s my list of lessons learnt…

  1. Raising a baby is the most exhausting but also the most rewarding job in the world
  2. I love not being at work. I loved my job, however crappy and mentally retarded my colleagues were. So when I decided to take a long sabbatical from work to take care of Pickle, I’d imagined that I would probably be depressed about it. However, I am absolutely loving it. frankly I barely have the time to sit back and mull over it…
  3. I have a lot of patience. I have always been impatient as hell. Although I was born in the 80s, I crave for the “instant gratification” that the present century boasts of. With Pickle I realized that I actually have more patience in me than even T, who’s like the definition of patience
  4. Never ever get involved in a group squabble. Any group of friends is like a couple and I have learnt it the hard way that it can never be good getting involved when they fight with each other. You usually end up taking sides whether logically or intentionally and then they suddenly kiss and make up leaving you at the sidelines feeling like a drenched little puppy who’s just be kicked in the guts!!! You end up being bad to both parties involved and that is definitely NOT a place you want to be in
  5. Never ever have expectations. It is just WRONG to have expectations of any kind from anyone except yourself. I still fall into the trap and end up sad when my expectations aren’t met… so I guess I am still learning… People (that is everybody other than you) will disappoint you. ALWAYS.
  6. In laws are in laws!!! Whatever you do or don’t do, you will always be treated like an outsider to the family. Surprisingly, Pickle, who is my flesh and blood is suddenly one of their own while I get treated like a baby producing machine who doesn’t even have any right on the baby anymore. I tried… a lot but after a while I realized that nothing really matters. The world will see them as loving, caring people and will wonder why you can’t get along. Nobody will hear the underhand comments, the snide remarks or the back biting. So I decided to concentrate on my family, T and Pickle, and let others go eat grass for all I care!!!
  7. Shut up. It is ridiculous to keep explaining yourself about the million choices you make. Nobody understands till they are exactly in your position and that will probably never happen. So why bother, their opinions will neither pay your bills or help you do your work. Just forget them and carry on with your decisions. If you make mistakes you will deal with it!!! Just remember that you do not owe ANYONE any explanations.
  8. No judging. After becoming a parent I have realized that it is sooper simple to judge people and give them random advice. So I try to be more understanding and if I don’t get them at all, I trust them to make their own decisions/mistakes and deal with them.
  9. Share every recipe. It is plain juvenile to keep recipes secret! I have learnt that the same recipe can produce different tasting dishes owing to the one cooking them. Also, it is your love for food that helps you cook an amazing dish, not some measured recipe on the net.
  10. Drink water. Every time you search for diet tips or health tips, you will come across the point which instructs you to drink loads of water and we usually skip that. I did too till I decided not to. Drinking even two bottles of water daily does wonders for your weight, skin and overall health. Try it. (Just remember to be near a loo at ALL times if you are going to binge on water)

Frankly I was barely aware as the year came to an end. The last year had some breathtaking moments with Pickle. It also had some miserable ones when I had to deal with completely evil, mentally sick, uneducated pathetic creeps who reside in the heart of civilization and manage to fool even the most intelligent people. Then there were few days when I barely knew whether it was day or night and the ones I never wanted to end. Overall it was a very happening year which surprisingly flew by. One day I was cribbing about Pickle being only 2 weeks old and being so boring and the next day I was running around him as he licked random corners of the house while crawling at a super speed!!!

Hudhud was the lowest point of the year but I surprised myself as I still managed to take care of the house and the baby singlehandedly. I even drove our Xylo with Pickle strapped in the carseat!!! Imagine that!!! Goes to show that the darkest hours does bring out the best in us. Enough gyaan for now, please spend some time thinking about your year and how you wasted so much time reading my blogs!!!


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