Resolutions??? Nah…

I know it is a tad bit late for resolutions but what the hell, I am a full time mom, timelines barely exist for me!!!

So every year I have these set resolution that I never EVER follow. Seriously people… who has the time. If we didn’t follow it the last year, it is obvious that we didn’t have the time or energy and since we are still alive, it doesn’t need to be followed. Simple. Every year I decide to blog more often or exercise more or some random goody stuff that everyone loves to read.

2013 I only made one resolution, “To have my baby or conceive before the year end”. And as promised, Pickle promptly arrived before the year ended. In 2014 I was barely breathing, so I didn’t notice when the whole calendar changed.

This year promises to be quite exciting as Pickle is almost walking and will soon start talking hopefully. There are a couple of things I have planned to get done before the year ends… lets hope at least some of them get done.

  1. Take a trip to some random place. A trip to Goa with T and Pickle is long overdue.
  2. Make loads of Amigurumi. I do have plans to sell some of my crocheted stuff.
  3. Read 50 books for the goodreads challenge. I plan to buy at least 3 books every month.
  4. Pickle’s room project. I have made tons of excuses for avoiding painting Pickle’s room. I think I better get it done this year
  5. Pamper myself. I have spent most of my days taking care of T or Pickle. Though it is all very satisfying, I figured nobody’s gonna take time out to pamper me… and so I am going to buy myself presents and treat myself to amazing stuff whenever I can.
  6. Bake a Chocolate mousse cheesecake. This one dessert has never been properly baked and this year I am going to get it right.
  7. Get a face clean up. I know it sounds simple enough but trust me I haven’t seen the inside of a parlour since Pickle was born. I have never really been the type to visit it regularly but once in two months for a haircut and a cleanup felt good. I actually had to go to the local barber to get a trim since my hair was too long and I was sitting on it. Another time I chopped off my long bangs and T had to trim it.
  8. I would really like to learn the complex origami stuff and teach Pickle as well
  9. Getting in touch with friends. With most of my friends in the same boat of marriage, kids and work, it is difficult to maintain correspondence. More so because I live in some godforsaken corner of the country and can barely travel anywhere without blowing a huge hole in my savings account. This year I will try to write letters to all those nincompoops who think I have finally vanished from their universe!!!
  10. Laugh. Ok I know this sounds totally cheesy and one of the resolutions on everyone’s list… but I do intend to be less sad (except when I am PMSing cause that’s just not in my hands).

If you find making resolutions equally clichéd, try planning a few things instead and following them through. And in case you need someone to nag you about keeping your resolutions, I am totally up for the job!!! Have a beautiful year ahead!


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