Merry Christmas

IMG_8394Dear Readers,

Here’s wishing you all gorgeous people a Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas is like my favorite holiday… ever. I remember getting all excited about the gift cause my mom used to save up the whole year to buy me a barbie and my brother a GI Joe. (Yup, Rs 125 for a silly doll used to be a HUGE waste of money). Being raised in another religion, Christmas did not really mean much to us except for the gifts and the bright twinkly lights on my neighbours balcony!!! Over the years, I have managed to keep the holiday cheer alive by doing all that I can to be more involved. In Engineering college I managed to bully my friends into buying me Christmas gifts (yeah, me bullying people for gifts is like my motto in life!), during my work years I sang in choirs ( Ok fine, “sang” is a stretch, but I did stand near the drums and shake the tambourine like nobody’s business!!!), arranged secret santas with colleagues (another way of getting me some gifts!) and also bought cute little trees to decorate.

T is as enthusiastic about Christmas as me, so after marriage it was so much fun doing the whole tree, gift and drinking thing together! I even managed to make rum plum cake which I have been religiously baking since 2010. Although hard work, it’s definitely a lot of fun. This year it is Pickle’s first “conscious” Christmas. ( Last time doesn’t count since he was barely awake !!!)

My folks insisted on taking him to the Christmas party so that Santa could give him his gift. My argument that he had no clue who this Santa fellow is or that he can barely distinguish between his toes and fingers… didn’t really amount to much. So I took him but ended up enjoying the whole thing. The excitement was literally in the air with kids screaming their lungs out and running around randomly.

I also ended up baking 7 cakes for friends and family. Wanna know a secret? I hate Rum Plum cakes!!! No seriously, I never even taste the ones I bake.  But I guess it was good since people have been calling me up for the recipe!

Pickle wasn’t too excited (obviously) but he did have fun with his gift boxes and the wrapping papers. Only if his excitement would continue, I would never have to buy him anything more than some bright wrapping paper and big boxes for all his coming Christmases!


Anywho… Hope you all have a beautiful Christmas. Ho Ho Ho!!!


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