It’s been a year


Pickle turned one on the 13th of December. Although it does seem like yesterday that we got him home from the hospital, it has definitely been a long journey. I won’t lie and say that it was a breeze…. There were moments of complete exhaustion, frustration and even desperation where I found myself questioning the decision to even have a child.  Life as we knew it, before Pickle’s arrival has changed drastically and it would be fair to say that we are still adjusting to it. However, now that we are a whole year old as parents, we can call ourselves seasoned players of this game and everything doesn’t seem baffling or alien anymore.

We had a small get together of close friends and my folks on Saturday. I had heard wild stories of the varying degree of crankiness a toddler is sure to go through on his birthday. So, I outsourced the main cake and the dinner, ensuring that I would be only taking care of His Naughtiness, Pickle Pie. I did however, slog the day before to bake a rainbow cake. To say it was awesome is totally an understatement!!! It was nothing short of fabulous and I am very proud of it. More so since it was my very first attempt at it.

IMG_8316 - Copy

(Kindly ignore the purple layer after red…. look at the rest of it… Oh so pretty!!!)

         The evening went as smoothly as anyone could imagine, contrary to general concern, Pickle was at his charming best and his naughtiness hit an all time high with two older boys around. It was a little alarming to see the future when I saw the two year olds tumbling around but then, with a boy that is the least you can expect I guess. He barely ate or slept as he was busy fighting with the two boys over his gifts. It was so cute to see him sitting in the middle trying to pull his car from a boy and screaming his lungs out. I finally managed to quieten him down and put him to bed at 9.


Overall, it was quite a remarkable day. Looking forward to so many more of these!!!


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