I turned ONE!!!

About a year ago, when I was literally yanked out into this world, I wailed like a baby and flailed around trying to get back into my cozy home. As I squirmed, I was suddenly thrust towards this lady who kissed my forehead and smiled at me. She then said, “Welcome to the world Pickle!!!” and I was in love. Of course I kept crying, who wouldn’t? I was naked, cold, hungry and among total strangers. The lady on the table was the only one who felt close… related. I wondered if I had seen her somewhere… or known her before… eh!!! What the hell… I needed clothes… milk and a good nap.

However, these weird strangers had a completely different set of ideas. This one lady dunked me water to wash off all the goo and then bundled me into a blanket (thank god!) and walked off… away from the lady. I started to wail but was … oh… so… tired… So I slept. I did hear some people squealing in delight though.

The next thing I remember, was being taken to the lady and that was when I was formally introduced to my mom. She seemed weird… she kept laughing and crying at the same time and kept staring at me. No, seriously, she like stared at me even when I sleeping. It felt weird to wake up to see her staring at me so intently… but felt really safe. The moment I snuggled up to her, I knew exactly from where I knew her. She was my home for the last nine months. I think I was in her tummy or something. That was really assuring and I immediately warmed up to her. Later I was picked up by these big hands which were so gentle and warm. She called him my “Dadda”. Oh well… I like him… and I do remember his voice from when I was inside my mommy. So I cried a little, to express my joy and relief at recognizing him (cause crying was pretty much all I could do back then) and promptly went back to sleep.

Over the last one year, I have gone through a million little things a few BIG “milestones” as mommy keeps saying. I first smiled at her when I was 2 months old. Well, I had just learnt to do it and she seemed to be dying to get one from me so… It was really fun you know… these people would laugh and be happy at any silly thing I would do. Like one day I was suddenly startled by a loud popping noise… and mommy laughed so hard… I later realised that I had actually made that popping sound, by farting!!! Well I woke up and slept and fed and pooped at all hours for a couple of months… then I learnt new tricks like turning over, rolling back, crawling, clapping and now I even stand on my own some times.

I never thought I would get used to being out in the world but it is so much fun now… I have all these bright colourful toys… a whole room to myself… and these amazing people around… I am waiting to shock them with my first word and my elegant walk…Just waiting for that perfect moment when they will be caught off guard… hehehe that will be so much fun!!!

Anywho… I celebrated my very first birthday on saturday and had soooooo  much fun… I was so excited that I barely ate anything and went to sleep really really late…. there were so many people… streamers…. balloons… and colourful things around… who can blame me!

Now that I am one year old… I guess it’s time to learn some new tricks… what say? See ya all later… when I turn two maybe…



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