Heavy Issues.

That’s it. I’m NOT shopping for any more clothes… EVER!!! I will instead buy shit loads of costly Jewelry and shoes that I will probably never wear but atleast they will not make me feel like a whale!!!

Last weekend, after a depressing time on the weighing scale, I decided that since I might not be able to lose the pregnancy weight (Yeah… I am still calling my fat tummy – “Pregnancy weight”!!!… Any Problems????), I might as well buy some clothes, preferably in a colour other than black, which could help me hide the rolls of flab lying around. So I happily deposited Pickle with T and his favorite chewy toy so that I could browse and shop in peace. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I hate shopping but this being a necessity I waded through the racks diligently to find something that I liked.

Somehow, everything I saw or liked was in black… grey or black and grey. So either I have lost the ability to see colours or maybe there are no colours left in this world!!! Anywho, since I had firmly decided to buy more colourful clothes I managed to pick up a few which had colour prints over a black background (yeah that counts). And I was quite realistic about the sizes too… instead of my regular XS or S, I picked all Ms.

The ordeal inside the changing room was heartbreaking. Although I’m sure the mirrors in those rooms add like 20 extra kilos to one’s image, I was still depressed and just managed to stop myself from smashing them. So, all depressed and morose over the state of affairs, I decided not to buy any clothes anymore!!! I still do fit into my maternity clothes!!! and they are the only clothes I need… Ever!!!

I then proceeded to dunk my depression in a big tub of ice cream. And declared to T that he might as well kiss his hard earned money goodbye since from now on I will only be buying shoes and Diamond Jewelry. HUH!!!


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