Pickle’s First Diwali

As I have mentioned time and again, I am really not the temple going, puja doing, religious types. However, this Durga puja we did do the rounds of all the pandals in the rare hope of passing down some bong and some religious thoughts to Pickle. In the same thread, I did have big plans for Diwali, loads of lights, decorations, home made sweets and the usual meeting up with family and friends. Hudhud literally put a dent in my whole plan. Doubtful about electricity, we kept our decorations to a minimum but I still went ahead with the home made sweets plan as I toiled through batches of elo jhelo, besan ke ladoo and rum and raising chocolates.

Pickle wore a sparkling white kurta and was so totally adorable. We did make it to my parents place before we took off for a quiet dinner. It was not really BIG as I had planned but we tried in our small way. I managed to make a whole lot of sweets for the army men who get the water tanker every morning and also the security guards at the gates and the fire men who were sadly on duty in our campus (although there was a strict No Crackers rule, there was still a shit load of kindling lying around).

I really hope all you guys had a sparkling Diwali… May your year ahead be bright and prosperous!!!


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