Fashion Much?

Warning : The readers who have become fond of my mellow mommy self and do not wish to see my real nasty side should NOT read the following post. JBB!!!

I happened to see a few blogs by acquaintances which dealt with Fashion and style advice. There were posts after posts advising people about how to wear the shirts or their jeans… what to accessorize with their dresses and blah and blah and blah!!! To be honest I was quite surprised. I mean I have very very limited knowledge and taste of style and fashion. I pretty much have only Black in my wardrobe and almost no accessories. So it was quite fascinating for me to see how these lovely ladies could write so much about whatever they wore or whatever they think people should wear.

And their content was definitely well researched. As one blogger explained the dress she picked to wear while visiting a friend, she reasoned out her choice of colour (according to the season), the length of sleeves and skirt (according to the time of the day) and the brand (depending on the place she was going to. I can’t even imagine the thought processes one has to go through to determine all this. I would just pick up any t shirt (all of mine are black and slight variations of each other… its quite a mystery how I keep track of the washed ones from the unwashed ones) and pair it with jeans (the only pair which fits me… which btw are a men’s size of 28… the female ones refuse to travel past my thighs!!!). And this is not just cause of my baby and my hectic schedule… I was always like this. Of course I do dress well too. Any formal occasion and my sarees would come out… I have all sober colours and materials so… all are good for formal and official. Parties would mean either dresses (if they still fit me) or yet another black top over the same old jeans. But I have never spent days trying to figure out what to wear unless nothing fits me and I have to try a hundred before something is able to hide my LOWE handles!

These blogs didn’t just speak about the dresses… but also the type of foundation applied… I mean… seriously??? So wait… you mean to tell me that after I read your posts, I am supposed to make notes and keep them ready the next time I get ready to go out??? They gave detailed description of the shade of lipstick and the brand of eyeliner… their price… place of availability… !!!

I can reason out the writing part… You sincerely believe you have amazing fashion sense and would like to impart a little of what really makes you amazing to the poor fashion-sense-less people like me. I accept and commend you for that. I mean if you can take out time of your busy schedules to tell us nincompoops why you thought of wearing the red tank top when you went out at 6 pm instead of the blue one… you are truly inspiring and of a very generous heart!

What I still cant understand are the readers… are there actual … real human beings ( read fashion crazy gals) who would like to follow these posts??? So they would take notes (probably on a notepad since their tiny brains are already overflowing with colour names like Fuchsia and Champagne…) and then refer to them when they need to? Is that why you find girls everywhere in the city with exactly the same hair style and clothes?

I do not understand fashion… and when I say it means squat to me… it really does. Also when I say fashion and style to me is whatever I am comfortable in… I mean it…(unlike the celebrities saying the same while swaying in something exorbitantly pricey… of I accept they might be “comfortable”  in it). So it really baffles me when people can write so much about it.

All the sarcasm aside, I really do appreciate the material these people put up… I tried doing it and this is what I came up with :

T shirt – Black… Any brand… as long as it is washed

Jeans – Blue … again… any brand as long as you can close the button over your bulging tummy

Kajal – Eyeconic ( or anything that you find on your dresser)

Lip balm – Nivea

Accessories – Nil, since Pickle either licks/tugs or chews them all.

Shoes… Floaters… ALWAYS…. for maximum comfort… (I would rather walk out in my angry birds chappal… but society decorum demands I at least wear proper footwear)

ummm… Thats it… done… I am dressed to go to the

– mall

– restaurant

– market

etc etc etc


PS : This post means absolutely no offence to all the fashionistas I personally know and admire…. if anything, it only accentuates my shortcomings in the glamour world 🙂 love you all


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