Shubho Bijoya!!!

Here’s wishing all you gorgeous readers ( all three of you :)), Shubho Bijoya!

This year Pujo was extra special with Pickle around and we tried our best to enjoy it.Although now I am like Sooper tired due to all the late nights and early morning schedules, it was so totally worth it. Pickle is still too tiny to really understand all this, but I am just glad we could.

Our luck with “Food” remained terrible even on the last two days when we couldn’t find any decent stuff around. We had to eat dinner out in some restaurant just to get our fill of yummy non veggie stuff. Pickle would sleep off initially but once up, he would be all over the place reveling in the bright lights, loud music and loads of attention.

Hoping the following year is prosperous for you all 🙂 Loads of love to you 🙂


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