Shubho Ashthami. And I believe it is Novomi too ( Ma said something about it being both … I have absolutely no idea what it means but in case you guys do…) Shubho Novomi!!!

Last night was a total disaster… and a hell of an embarrassment too. After raving to you guys about how awesome the food stalls are at the Railway Kaalibaari Pujo I happened to impart the same knowledge to at least three people I personally know. Almost begged them to come along for lip smacking bong snacks.  Unfortunately the only stalls present there sold vada pavs (really???? really???) vadas and mirchi bhajjis!!! I meanSERIOUSLY!!! @$@#$@%$%#^%*%^&^%#@

Since we had very enthusiastically planned to have our dinner there, I pretty much fasted since lunch ( that means instead of gobbling up all kinds of fried stuff after lunch I had only one apple, a packet of biscuits and a glass of milk). The pujo pandal was resplendent but I somehow had the feeling it was smaller than the last time… anywho after the obligatory (hehehe) round of the pandal we rushed to the food stalls only to be hugely disappointed. Grumbling we made our way back to the car planning to eat our dinner at some restaurant. The calls I had to make letting people know that the stalls sucked added a truck load of embarrassment to my already increasing temper and disappointment 😦

I did manage to eat a lot of greasy food at the restaurant … so I managed to do what I aimed to… get myself giddy with greasy snacks!!!

Well it seems like the universe has planned not to let me gorge on oily stuff… just hoping today would be a little better.


Happy eating…oopss… Happy puja everyone!!!!


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