Guts and abs…

After nine … almost ten months of giving the excuse of just having delivered a baby (I know its been 10 months… but its not really that long ago…) and hiding behind the baby carrier ( “Manduca!!! Helps me carry the baby and hide my tummy!!!), I knew I had reached the last straw when I did not fit into the L sized top I recently bought ( I have never even bought M :(). My laziness of course tried to give me another free ride as I researched the effects of exercising after child birth ( I know it was like a year ago… but you never know what a simple ab crunch may result into). The search led to no lame excuses and I finally decided to drag myself out of the pit my bulgy tummy was buried in.  That again doesn’t mean I immediately got off my ass and started working out… I spent another week-ten days searching for the right kind of exercise and downloading the related materials and video ( I also did try to download just the right music for my exercise routine). After almost two weeks I finally decided to start off . Oh… not having a maid… having to do all the household chores… no time for myself or sleep… almost made to the excuses list but my own neurotic self crossed them out- it’s like having a split personality!!! Very annoying and disturbing at the same time.

I figured that around seven, when I have finished all my chores (lunch, cleaning , ironing blah blah blah… yup I am supermom!!! I do it all) and when Pickle is in that crazy mood where he just won’t go back to sleep or quiet down, I could lay down the mat and do a few crunches. I did start off ambitiously with a whole routine set in my mind, but when I had to keep running after Pickle, who couldn’t resist eating my slippers or kept having to drag him from the dressing table, my routine kinda got tiresome. So now I stick to basic stretches, weights and abs. Ofcourse all this happens with Pickle around so it is normal for me to find him sitting right between my feet and staring at me doing stretches or trying to grab the weights from my hand … and the best??? trying to crawl over my tummy or eat my face just as I lie down for my crunches!!!

I don’t think after running after him so much I need the extra exercise . However, after two weeks it’s starting to show… I mean I wore my saree yesterday and the blouse was loose (yayeee… the first time ever… of course it was the blouse I got made when I was 9 months pregnant with 32 extra kilos… but shhhhhh).

Of course the whole deal still remains hugely dependent on Pickle’s mood swings but I am determined to stick to it till I can fit back into the pair of jeans I bought before my pregnancy ( Ok I do realise this is very very very ambitious… lets see).

Oh just FYI… Laura Londons’s Ab exercises actually work and are simple enough to fit into my 15 minute routine daily. I did plan to start with Special K as well ( yup… I was so depressed that I was almost ready to give up eating), but when I read the fine print I realised I would need to have cornflakes for breakfast and dinner ( oh the horrors of dieting) and eat loads of fruits and veggies in between for the plan to work. I figured I can just as well cut back on my fried stuff I munch on throughout the day.. So no dieting for me.

So for now I am gonna stick to my exercises while crawling after Pickle… and hope it all works.


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