Life as it is…

I am a full time mom.

I have two good degrees… and a variety of work ex.

I prefer to stay at home and raise my child.

Last week, someone gave me a baffled look when I told her that I do not intend to get back to work soon. I find it irritating and never ever try to explain my choices in life. And from a career point of view I have made weird choices. I got married in the middle of my college, gave up a job in the metro to move to a barely known place and then gave up my not-so-awesome-but-its-a-job job to have a baby and stay at home. People, especially the ones who are more career oriented than I am, fail to see the logic behind it. Somehow it makes sense to me. It isn’t that I wasn’t interested in working or wasn’t good at it. Yeah there were a few setbacks but I loved all my jobs and the experience they gave me. Also, I was pretty damn good at whatever I did. Maybe not cutthroat or competitive enough for this world, but good enough.

I had plans when I did my engineering, to have this awesome career, travel the world and have a wild time before settling down. But as they say, life happens while we are too busy making plans. I fell in love and then realised that all the money in the world would never make me happier than being with T. It might seem like a grapes-are-sour kinda scenario but I really do find happiness in silly chores like baking the perfect cake or crocheting silly things for Pickle. I sometimes wonder why I lack the drive to be out there achieving and competing … but then I crave for spring rolls and start searching for recipes online!!!

I remember my dad telling me when I was 24, “do you thing, have fun and when you get bored… we will find you a nice guy to settle down with”. He was quite shocked about my decision to marry at 25… and then leave my job… and then to be a stay at home mom. Eh!!! who cares… Life is still hectic and happening. I love being able to read a book while restraining Pickle (he has some weird fetish with books… ), I love being able to crochet and bake… I still do get up at 5 cause there are like a million chores I need to get done before Pickle wakes up and demands my full attention. But its fun. Yes… there are some days when I don’t realise when the day starts or ends… the days seem to run on an endless loop… those are the time I crave for a full time job which at least ends at some time.

I will get back to the world of outlook mails, meetings and deadlines someday, but till then I intend to enjoy every moment of life.



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