Turning 30

This Monday I completed 3 whole decades on this planet!!! And unlike previous birthdays, this time I was actually sooper excited about turning a year older. Not that I have ever been morose about turning older, but this milestone was special. My silly indulgence in my “age” reminds me of the episode of Friends when they all reminisce their 30th birthdays… and though I can hear Joey shriek in my head, “why god ??? why??? Her too!!!” I can’t stop smiling at the fact that I am 30.

Whoever said that age is just a number probably never really had a life. Age is not JUST a number. It’s a truckload (or in my case a shipload) of experiences. All your bad decisions, ugly mistakes, sweet memories and fond stories… Bajillion heart breaks, 3456 BFFs, random resolutions and god knows what else. You get to look back on thousands of moments and good-bad-ugly, they all not only bring a smile but have also been very instrumental in getting you where you are…

I have no idea about you guys but I am not particularly fond of my 17-something self!!! I was this weird pimply tomboy who had no idea about what made this world go around. I believed in fairy tales, thought friendships were forever and that Kuch Kuch hota hain was this epic classic tale of life. I kept losing my heart to the wrong guys, kept trying to befriend the mean girls (oh yeah… I was terribly bullied during my college years), was gullible enough to believe and trust everybody who spoke to me and genuinely thought that world revolved around me.

Well… some of those things are still applicable. I still do believe that the world revolves around me 🙂 and yes I am still a little too trusting but with age I have managed to work on some of the other stupid things. I am way … like I mean WAYYYYYYYYYYYY better looking than before… (I finally discovered that you can be a tomboy at heart and still rock those amazing dresses and saris!!!)I have finally realised that fairy tales are called that… cause … that’s what they are… and that KKHH is just a sad pathetic stupid movie (which I still watch every time it runs on the cable… even if it is just to make fun of it!!!) with absolutely no meaning.

Then there are the accomplishments… I know some of my smarter friends and acquaintances might not consider it “progressive” enough… but I have a husband who adores me… a baby boy who’s like the most precious thing in this world and a small but meaningful group of friends. I may not be earning the big bucks but I have the time to crochet silly jackets for my pen drive and read utter nonsensical books by cyrus broacha…(he’s like my new favourite author). I bake all the time and indulge in all kinds of fattening food. I may not drink or smoke… but I love to dance the night away with T. I have managed to get an impressive education which gives me a lot of satisfaction (and maybe some day some moolah too). I paint… I sketch… and I also dabble in writing songs for my pickle pie.

I may not always have the energy or the time to keep in touch with my friends but I know they will be around when I need them. The years, instead of adding on friends have managed to bring down my circle to a select few who I can trust completely without the fear of getting stabbed in the back. I have acquired the courage to stand up to bullies and the composure to ignore gossips about me. I have learnt the art of silence (I know… SHOCKING!!!).

Overall I have more money(Hubby’s bank account), more intelligence(well some of you might say this is debatable… but lets just say I am… considering my brain cells have aged too), more understanding (well… I understood why you forgot my birthday and couldn’t wish me!!!! Huh) and more beauty(if I may say so) now… than I did when I was 18. So why wouldn’t I be sooper excited about turning 30???

The best reason of all is that I am just a decade away from having my mid-life crisis… Finally!!! (all those fake-fb-article crises at 20 or 25 can go take a hike). Mid life Crisis… I’m on my way!!!

Now for the main part:

I do this every year… some times out of spite… at times out of anger and disappointment… but this year this is only out of heartfelt gratitude. Thanks to all those who forgot my birthday. It just means I can feel less guilty about forgetting more people around me.


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