Rakhi’s around the corner and in the middle of my glorious mommy time, I figured I will need to post rakhis to all my brothers (remember all the brothers I have ???). There is just one shop in my driving radius which has Rakhis but they were all either too gaudy or too costly… and I am not being cheap about it… I do not mind paying for a good rakhi but paying even 10 bucks for stupid looking stuff pisses me off. So I took it up as a crochet project and figured that it wouldn’t be that hard.

It really wasn’t. I figured out the pattern in about 4 tries and from then on it was quite simple. I tried to work only when Pickle was sleeping. Nowadays he has started bouncing on his bum in excitement, irritation, happiness or plain anger… (yeah… there’s absolutely no difference… it is like a Figure-it-out-yourself puzzle for me!!!). Every time he saw me with the crochet hook or the threads he managed to bounce on his bum hard and launched himself on me… He was like this little kitten with the wool. So I stopped crocheting when he was awake. That left me with very little time. But… I managed to get 14 Rakhis ready.


Posting them was a totally different story altogether. Last year only 2 people received my Rakhis which I had posted using the normal postal method (I used to have a great deal of faith on the Indian postal system). What was worse that all my brothers thought that I had conveniently forgotten to mail it and was just blaming the postal service. Anyhoo… this time around I wanted to ensure that they receive it, especially since I had spent so much time and energy making them. So I used the speed post… for which I had to stand in a queue ye long for almost 2 hours. Poor Pickle had a bad time in the heat.

Anyway… I atleast managed to send them all. So dear Brothers… have a happy Rakhi!!!

ps: Anyone who needs the pattern for this Rakhi (though I really doubt if anyone would be interested), please leave a comment and I shall find time to send you the same.


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