Pickle’s Room Project

I am the HAPPIEST when I totally BUSY!!!

I know it sounds nerdy and quite lame but it is so true. It is also the reason why I do not do so well during vacations. Anywho… I spent almost every day of the last month cooking up something new and now that I have fed my adorable darling T enough to give him a big paunch, I am looking for a fresh project ( the cooking continues but not the sole focus anymore). Pickle’s room is the next BIG project on my list. After two whole weekends of shifting, cleaning and arranging I finally got his room ready, furniture wise at least. Now I have started the task of painting his walls.

I remember feeling a little sad when I discovered Pickle was not a girl. I thought of all the cute things I could have crocheted for her or the million adorable frocks I could buy for her and felt a teeny weeny bit sad… actually a lot sad but once you look at pickle, it all goes away. While I was looking for things to paint on the walls of Pickle’s room, I finally thanked my stars for snails and puppy dog tails!!! I mean.. imagine if I had a daughter and if I had to decorate her room in soft pinks and “mauves”!!! seriously!!! Anywho… I have started with the door and one wall. This is the door :


See what I mean about the colours? I can use dark ones and not feel bad.

Here’s what I painted on a small portion of the wall :


I want to put “The Lion King” or “Mowgli” or “Winnie the pooh” on the other walls… But it will be quite an undertaking… Lets see. Will keep ya updated…


One thought on “Pickle’s Room Project

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