Being the self obsessed person that I am, it is always difficult to praise someone else. This post is dedicated to the one person in my life who has redefined the meaning of life for me. The one person who has become the heart and soul of my existence and the one person who inspires me to no end. I want to define him as my soul mate, my other and better half and even as my survival guide on this planet. But, it would still not do him justice.

I am sure by now you all know the story of how I met T, fell hopelessly in love and got married. T is very different from me as an individual. We do share a lot of likes and dislikes and even many principles, but there are also some glaring differences. And believe it or not these differences are the ones which make our life interesting, exhilarating and even challenging at times. Anywho, of late I read a couple of books, articles which made me realise that I am truly blessed to have T in my life as my partner. Hence this dedication. (This is also gonna serve as a Happy anniversary and a Happy father’s day… cause I am not gonna write two different posts praising you, I need that time to talk about… “Moi”!!!).

“Happy 4th Anniversary sweetheart”

It has been quite a ride till now and if these years are any indication of what is to come, I am sooper excited. T has stood by me all through these years. He has given me more freedom to be myself than my parents. I know it sounds weird that a guy has to “let” me be myself… but you know how it is… even though negligible, the whole line between the genders does exist even in a family like mine. T has not just supported my dreams but actually encouraged me to go ahead and achieve them at any cost.

He tolerates me… and I am not kidding when I say that I am a very difficult person to live with… I mean even I wouldn’t live with me… considering how anal and controlling I  am about things…. well… actually it would be probably awesome living with me… err….. I digress… So as I said, I am pretty impossible to live with and so hats off to T for actually making this work.

When he proposed and I said yes, there were a million conditions I put forth. I knew that most of the conditions would fade away or become obsolete soon but I still wanted it on record that I made those points. One of the main ones was that I am not ready to give up my name. Logical and administrative reasons aside, I was emotionally too attached to my name to change it. I was all up in arms ready to fight it out, however T just said yes… Not in a condescending kind of way… but more in a I-know-what-you-mean sort of way.

With the birth of our child, he surprised me further. When I suggested that we use my maiden name as the baby’s middle name, he agreed in a heartbeat. Although I never saw myself as the crusading feminist, I was glad that my baby has my name. There are million more examples of how great T is, but I mention just these two to illustrate how truly amazing he is and cause mentioning more than two would make him sound better than I am ;)!!!

All through these years if there has been one constant factor in my life, it has been T’s calm presence and the assurance that he will stand by me come what may. On our fourth anniversary, I just wanna wish you a beautiful year ahead .


“Happy Dadda’s Day”

Technically Pickle should be writing this but since his pudgy fingers haven’t yet learnt the skill of touching the keys gently, and I do not want to see my keyboard being pummeled or eaten up, I shall be doing the honors. Before I had Pickle, I was sure that come what may I will recover soon enough to take care of the baby on my own in my own house. Being the ( irritatingly ) fiercely independent person that I am, I wouldnt have it another way. Staying with my mom or even having her over did not sit well with me.

What I hadn’t foreseen was my cesarean. Although I recovered fairly quickly, I wouldn’t have been able to do so without T around. From changing the baby a million times a day to washing his nappies to holding him all through the night, T did it all. I could barely manage to eat my food and get up to feed Pickle. I have been managing the baby all on my own since he was three weeks old and everyone around is amazed. My own mom is proud of me and my determination to do so. However, I could manage this feat only cause T was supportive, encouraging and always there for me. He has been my rock throughout.

So dear Dadda, after the countless hours you dedicated to our little Pickle, here’s wishing you a beautiful Dadda day. Love you loads.


Note to T : Sweetheart, even though I taunt you for a million things and grumble and sulk and piss you off repeatedly, I just wanna let you know that I still love you more than life itself. And you know how true this is cause I am declaring this on my blog and you know how I HATE PDA. To my sweetheart. Love ya!!!


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