No sundays for mom!!!

Although I didn’t go through a full fledged postpartum depression, I did totter around its edges during my first few weeks with pickle. I remember bawling like a baby for no apparent reason on some days and sulking around on some others. The sheer exhaustion was frustrating and nothing in my life seemed usual and familiar… However, I managed to pull myself together with T’s help and workedd towards milestones. To maintain my sanity I took one day at a time and gave up the elaborate planning sessions that usually took place my mind .

First milestone was definitely the 6 month old mark. This was when the books promised the baby would start sleeping through the night. This was when my Pediatrician promised I could start him on solids, making my life easier. And this was when my mom said he would be social and developed in skills like entertaining himself or sitting.

June 13 2014 was when we celebrated Pickle’s Half Birthday. The novelty of baking a cake kinda wore off by the third month and so did our Picture posing time with the fifth month. So all I did on the day was wish pickle and put a reminder for his vaccination. As I was putting him to sleep late at night (yeah he now loves his “midnight masti” sessions), I realized my whole wait was totally silly. All this time I was waiting for this day thinking it would change my life and let me infuse some sleep, fun and probably routine into it. And I could not be more wrong about it right now!

Well, to be fair, there are going to be changes and lots of fun, just not the kind I was envisioning. This is when Pickle starts sitting… crawling and eventually walking. So gone are the days when I can dump him on the bed for a quick run to the loo even if he is crying. This is when he will need to be introduced to solids so yeah… I won’t have to hold him and feed him for hours… but I will have to spend time in kitchen preparing his food and then feed him the same for hours. Yup… he will also start sleeping through the night but there is no fixed time his night begins or ends at. Also since he has started turning in his sleep and then wailing like a banshee cause he cant roll back, I not only sleep with the video baby monitor on but also wake up far more frequently just to roll him back.  Surprisingly, this is not as scary as I thought. Although things will get more hectic from now on, I am looking forward to it. Yes I am like Sooper Tired and all that but… one smile thrown my way and I am recharged!!!

So to sum it up, I am never ever gonna get a sunday off … till probably he is I don’t know… 18??? I now know what ma meant when she said she has never had a peaceful sleep since we were born. Sounds challenging but thats life I guess. And frankly it is definitely loads of fun in spite of the constant exhaustion. So here’s to Pickle!

Happy Half Birthday sweetheart!!!!


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