Random boredom

Though I have never been addicted to the idiot box, I have always found it very soothing when it runs on mute the whole day. I barely have time to glance at it when Pickle’s awake and when he sleeps I am usually sprinting around to finish my work. However, in the past few weeks there has been a pattern to my TV watching… like how I would tune in to a particular channel at a particular time and while I never paid much attention to the daily episodes, I kinda liked having the familiar faces around… on mute of course!

I finally realised how bored and addicted I was when T asked me how my day went and I said, ” well Amy is planning to move in with Ricky”!!! Yup, I was actually watching crappy shows and not just that, when our TV stopped working, I actually went through the entire seasons’ wiki page!!!

Yup… thats life now… !!!


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