Pickle Update

We are able to sit now… actually we are able to wobble very nicely in the seated position. Nevertheless, huge achievement. Pickle has also started showing the early signs of belonging to a very Foodie family. Well, presently he just displays my traits of being hungry… always!!!

All you need to do is get something in his line of vision… and he will want to grab it and pop it in his mouth… and when I say “something” I mean “anything”!!! Be it his own feet or my face… his Dadda’s knee or my cell phone… If you are not quick… you will find that thing in his mouth…

The funniest was when I was changing him and as I fumbled with the dustbin’s cover with one hand while holding the diaper with the other, I realised he was trying to eat that too!!!

Surprisingly he doesn’t like the solids I have started for him, instead he wants to eat the spoon!!!


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