My First mother’s day

I am a total sucker for Hallmark holidays. So I will not only wish but make a huge deal of silly holidays… including sulking if T doesn’t wish me on “Wife’s Day” (Oh Yeah… there is something like that) or if my parents forget “Daughter’s Day” (Now that’s definitely a thing). Every year I put in a hell lot of effort in celebrating these days. For women’s day I usually create gift packages for all my women friends, for mother’s and father’s day I send flowers to in laws and bake stuff for my folks… Anniversaries and birthdays find me hooked on to google doing a ton of research and then buying a shit load of stuff.

That was the good part, the bad part is that I expect others to do the same for me and when they don’t I totally  blow a fuse and sulk it out. Anywho, this being my first mother’s day and all I decided that I had to make it special for myself cause T doesn’t really have the time and Pickle is too busy trying to put his big toe in his mouth to care about such trivial matters. So I bought a couple of cute things online, made a crude card (it should kinda look like what Pickle would have made for me if he had motor skills at month 5), wrappedd them all up in my favorite wrapping paper (not the foil kinds… the real paper kinds which makes an awesome noise when being ripped off) and informed T about what I would love to eat for breakfast.

So on the D day I get up and get spruced up with all kajal and stuff at 5 am… well thats when my day starts and I really really wanted to open my gifts. Thankfully, Pickle is also an early riser… so after he was cleaned and changed into something cute… I made T make a whole show of presenting me my gifts. We initially tried making Pickle gift them to me but since he was too concerned about getting them into his mouth, we ditched the plan. Then of course was the photography session which was mainly to document my first mother’s day. Pickle who usually loves the camera, suddenly decided that the bedsheet was the most interesting thing in the universe and would not be persuaded to look up at the camera at all… I even tried bribing him by telling him that he could eat the camera… but his love for the bedsheet triumphed and he was quite indifferent to any temptations around. So the pics basically have me posing around with this fake smile and fake surprised look. Ah… whateva…. thats what I wanted anyway.


The food was prepared oh so lovingly by T and presented beautifully. Unfortunately, mommy duties took precedence and I think I finally ate my bacon and eggs at ten after Pickle nodded off for precisely 15 minutes when I managed to wolf it down.


Overall… first mommy day… a grand success… ya it was a little forced and a little fake… but eh!!! I loved it anyway.

I know I am a little late… but here’s wishing all mommies a beautiful year ahead. As I wisely realised… being a mommy… is as amazing as it is tough!!! Kudos to all of us.



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