A quick update

Hello again… I know I have been keeping ALL you readers waiting for my amahzzing POSTS… but Pickle being the mini-me has been hogging my complete attention since day one. So instead of writing a load of crap about how I was to busy in decoding the potty colour I would rather just start my post and give you an update.

Well, owing to my pregnancy brain and then a mushy baby brain, I shall confess quite proudly that I have lost all clues about time and people. I have absolutely no idea about what day, date or month it is unless it is with reference to Pickle’s age. Also, if any of you sweethearts thought that having a baby would make me more tolerant about people in general, you are SO VERY Wrong!!! If anything I have become more anti-social than ever. If I barely managed to tolerate “people” before, right now I barely mange not to loathe them completely.

So now that I have firmly established that I am as crazy and weird as before, here’s the update. I am loving my sabbatical from the workplace. Fine!!! I am loving being “Unemployed”. I never thought I would given how I love being among people (!!!) just so that I can ridicule and hate them… but being a stay at home wife and mom kinda suits me. The following paragraphs are going to be sooper doper braggy about my brand new mommy skills… so in case you have had enough of my narcissism, feel free to skip it… but in case you have missed my  self obsession… go right ahead and take a dip in it!!!

–          So the first month was like… Oh my gawd… why did I decide to have a child… I can’t change another nappy… When was last time I slept?

–          Second month was… Oh my  gawd… all I do the whole day is feed him burp him and put him to sleep…  Uh oh… He’s awake again… I don’t think I brushed today… or yesterday!!! What is sleep? Is there a “real” world out there??? Seriously???

–          By the time the third month of Pickle’s existence started… I was a pro at doing household chores along with attending to his needs. I could not only change a potty nappy in the middle of the night with almost no lights on… but also discuss the colour and consistency of it while eating my dinner. Then all I wondered was about why the hell was he growing up so quickly…

If planning for a baby and being pregnant was hard work… raising a child is … well more than that. When after the glorious nine months (yeah… now those months seem oh-so-glorious), Pickle finally landed on this earth, there were a million things I was unsure about. However, I was sure of a few things:

–          One – I would not just heal from the surgery in a weeks time, I would also be back to functioning like before ( like.. being a total nut case)

–          Two – however frustrating, exhausting or ridiculous it might seem to anyone, I would take care of the baby all by myself without much help ( like I would do his massage by myself and also bathe him on my own and take care of him the whole day without any breaks)

–          And three – irrespective of what all post delivery and child care books suggest, I would not become one of those new moms who completely forget about their husbands ( I would still talk to him and cook for him like I did before)

With my dearest Hubby’s help and mom’s encouragement I did bounce back to a normal (well… the definition of normal did undergo a drastic change) life. The first week was painful but I had T around… Mom was a big help… as she is well aware of my famous temper, she kept herself busy with all background tasks while letting me learn and carry out the main jobs of the baby. By the second month I was not only comfortable but taking care of Pickle all by myself. There were a million things I taught myself and another zillion that came naturally… overall it was a fun journey. Of course it didn’t seem so fun while travelling through it, but in retrospect, it gives me hope that I will be able to handle pretty much everything.

My third point took a little time to be put into action since even two months after the birth I was ridiculously possessive and obsessive about Pickle. Though I still am, I have learnt to share with T. And my cooking and baking are back on track… proof ( according to T) is his ever expanding waistline.

Overall, I think I totally rock at being a mom now. The start was a little wobbly but now I am so awesome amazing that it is actually scary.

Pickle, now happily into his 6th month can sit unsupported for a few seconds before toppling over facedown! He also loves grabbing onto anything in his line of vision and reach to promptly plop it into his mouth. An expert in turning over, he usually executes his rollovers the moment I place him in his crib. I would like to believe he recognises me … but his playful grin towards every random stranger kinda undermines that belief.

My reading had picked up pace till Pickle pie started hogging my complete attention. Other hobbies are still waiting patiently for return. Presently I am looking forward to Pickle’s annaprashan which has been scheduled on our anniversary…

Don’t worry, I shall start posting a little more regularly… however you can expect less bitchy posts from my end considering there are no subjects of around to direct my bitchiness at. Thats about it for this post… hold your breath for the next ones 🙂

So long!!!


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