Settling down.

My baby blues have finally flown out of the window… The days of uncontrollable crying and exhaustion are finally giving way to this awesome feeling that comes with motherhood. Pickle is two month old now and we are both getting the hang of it.

He has started smiling at random things, if I am lucky enough to be in the line of his sight, I even convince myself to believe that he is definitely smiling at me. He has also started cooing, its more like singing and gurgling at the same time and again most of his affections are showered on the trinkets hanging from his bouncy chair.

People continue to say stupid things and give us mindless advice. The other day someone wondered how I was so exhausted and had no time for myself… after all, the baby is only supposed to feed and then sleep… Mind you, this woman is actually the mother of two. T was quick to reply that Pickle forgot to read his own “Instruction Manual” and so didnt really know that he’s only supposed to feed and sleep!!!

Most of the others (including my parents at times), are somewhat wary of our style of parenting. I mean we have been taking Pickle out for drives ever since I had my stitches removed and could bear the bumps on the road. The way we dress him or already put him in a separate cradle to sleep at night have also raised a few eyebrows. T has a beautiful answer to that as well. He says, this is our very own “personal” kid. Along with the responsibility of raising him, we have also been given the chance to make our own mistakes. Plus I am sure everyone will agree, we won’t really do anything that could hurt Pickle.

Anywho, now that he manages to keep himself busy with his bouncy chair and hands (more about that in the next post), I find myself actually able to read books and cook as I did before this bugger arrived.

Oh by the way, just wanted to make a special mention of this spaghetti recipe. Tried it and loved it.


Thats about it… Pickle, books and food… 🙂


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