Pickle Update

Gone are the days when Pickle’s only job was to feed, burp, poop and sleep. Although it sounds cute and all that, it does get boring when you are stuck with a kid and he does absolutely nothing entertaining ( I know I sound like a terrible mommy right now… ). Anywho, things started getting better around the time he turned 2 month old.  Here are a few updates on my very own baby boo!!!

  • he has been awarding us (mostly his dadda), with the most adorable toothless grins of all times
  • Although he still does not sleep through the night (babies rarely do that…), he does wake up at 5 daily and keeps us entertained with his musical cooing noises
  • He has discovered his hands… I mean he will put up quite a struggle to get his hand into his mouth. His right hand still doesn’t listen to him… So lately his left hand guides his right hand into his mouth… Trust me it is the most adorable thing you will ever see
  • He poopy sounds and farts continue to startle him… in fact the other day he got scared and started crying… I know it is mean of me to say this… (cause he was literally bawling), but it was so damn cute
  • I got a Manduca Baby Carrier for him and he loves it.
  • He has developed a sixth sense for his bath times. The moment I take him into the bathroom he wails like a Banshee. I have tried to trick him in different ways… I have tried giving him a bath without a massage… tried to give him a bath on the bed but somehow he always senses the water around and starts screaming
  • He is the happiest when he is in his birthday suit.. (well… arent we all ;))

He is almost 11 weeks now… and suddenly seems so grown up that we find ourselves desperately clicking pics and taking videos in a vain attempt to hold on to these cute moments. I know that there will be more such amazing moments but somehow it feels sad that these are passing by so quickly.

As for me, I smell of Pickle and dream of Pickle and life has never ever been so gorgeous. Once I surrendered to the fact that he will be ruling my life, my control freakiness ended and I adjusted to this whole new chapter of my life. Though sleep still remains a distant dream, I find myself much more charged and excited that tired.

Oh… but the biggest accomplishment??? My pre-pregnancy denims fit me again…. Yoohoooooo!!! ( Ya I know that seems quite shallow compared to the whole delivering a child and raising him… but still… small victories eh???)

Motherhood Rocks!!!



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