Still Hating People!!!

If I hated people normally and a little more during those nine months… I hate them even more right now.

As soon as I brought Pickle home, random people wanted to drop in to see the baby… I mean DUH!!! Get a life… Imagine a new born in a roomful of random people carrying random germs …. exactly what every mother needs to raise her new born. Anywho… I managed to keep all these crazy people at bay till a whole month… But some still persisted… and what is worse is that they actually expect me to sit and chat with them while he sleeps. I mean… come on!!! when he sleeps I have like a million things to do if I am not sleeping as well and all you want is for me to sit and chat about stuff I no longer care about!!!

So now I get my maid to literally lock me in …that way nobody can come home… hehehe!!!

The other annoying thing that people do is give unsolicited advice about random stuff. I mean, they would even advise you about the position you should breastfeed in… When will people learn that it is just not nice to give stupid advise

And if advise wasn’t enough, people ask ridiculous question… whats his weight… what’s the circumference of his head… how many times does he poop!!! Like seriously people!!! Even his pediatrician doesn’t ask so many inane questions.

Then there are the other new parents who literally jump into a head to head competition about everything… my baby pees 6 times… what about yours!!! DUH!!!

So bottom line is that I thought I would start liking people once my pregnancy hormones leave my system… but it doesn’t seem to be happening very soon… If anything, motherhood has made me loathe people even more… I now see them as a hub of germs and completely useless advice!!!

Motherhood Rocks!!!


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