My awesome talents

Stepping into this whole new chapter of my life… Called motherhood… I’ve started discovering a whole new side of me which has loads of hidden talent..
For example…  I’m an amazing lyricist… No seriously… I’ve been making up songs with absolute gibberish and they still sound awesome. So now I sing “burpy burperson”, “Mr poopy pants “and even” feedy feedingo” with such flair that I’m even thinking of marketing them and earning truck loads of money… 
Well if you think I’m crazy… You can blame it on my sleep deprived state…

I’m also an excellent baby babbler… So while Pickle goes ga ga gu gu… I start my babbling and eventually he gives up his cries to try and make sense of what I’m trying to say.
If there is any nappy changing contest… I’ll win it… For sure. Cause I can change nappies while sleeping, while eating, while blindfolded, while he’s wailing like a banshee, while he’s sleeping or any freaking time you ask me to… And I’ll do it under 30 seconds… Ok that’s not true… But who cares… I’m a champion nappy changer..!!!
For now I’ve discovered just these awesome talents of mine… I’m sure I’ll only improve over time…
So long till next time


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