Dear readers… I know I haven’t been regular and no one can blame me!!! With pickle around I barely even know which day date or year it is. I in fact am bound to the bedroom and have lost all sense of time. It isn’t day or night for me anymore… It is all about pickle’s feed time… or burps … or nappy changes … or the few moments of solace i get (like this one)… when my little angel conks off!

So a quick updates on Pickle and life in general before his wails shatter the walls of silence :

–  First of all, here’s wishing you all beautiful people an amazing new year. The first new years with Pickle was awesome for us. T and I were busy changing and burping him, so although we didnt realise when the new year snuck up on us, we were definitely delighted to have Pickle in our arms . I hope all of your wishes and dreams come true this brand new year and that you have a beautiful chapter added to your life.

–  The first week with Pickle was quite a nightmare, considering we were both absolutely clueless and my stitches ( had a c section) made it impossible for me to do much.

– By week two, we started to find our footing around the jagged edges of parenthood.

– A special hug and thanks goes out to my most amazing hubby T. Sweetheart when I say I really have no life without you… I absolutely mean it!!!

– With Pickle 3 weeks old, we have finally started to behave like absolute Pros. We can now change, feed, burp and put him to sleep with our eyes closed… Sometimes it is literally the case when I am too sleepy to open my eyes!

– Pickle has been a complete new revelation to both of us. I still look at him and feel this amazing sense of accomplishment in the fact that I literally created this adorable little human from the scratch. Of course it has brought into light a few fears… like how my impatience makes me the more frustrated parent… how T is so much more better with his calm and composed manner… Anywho… I am learning to be more patient each day.

– Oh, if anyone out there wants some sadistic pleasure out of my life right now… let me give you a few interesting facts :

1. I haven’t slept for more than 1 hour continuously since Pickle happened

2.  I literally live in my bedroom… I do not remember the last time I went out to even the balcony for some fresh air!

3. I havent spoken to any friends… family or even enemies in the last 3 weeks… I do try to keep in touch by messaging but talking has become a chore for me… cause whatever “free” time i get, I only want to lie around and do nothing.

4. My wardrobe has reduced to just “2” nursing gowns.

5. Although the TV is switched on for 24 hours… I have no idea what I am watchng

– My Life is all about Pickle and somehow it makes me happy … 🙂

That is all for now… will try and write some more…. Oh!!!! there he goes again…. bbye!!!


2 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Sinetheta says:

    Thanks a million… Wishing you and your dear ones a beautiful new year


  2. Jess says:

    So glad to hear you’re all doing good! Happy New Year!


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