Naming Pickle

I had Pickle’s name picked out in my 2nd year of engineering ( in case of a boy baby that is). Some Junior of mine at college had this name and I totally fell in love with it since I heard it. It was one of those things that just happen!!!

But before the final reveal, of  what we have named him, let me dilly dally a little while… cause once I spell it out for you guys the post will be done and I really need a break from the constant rounds of nappy changing and feeding….

Let me tell you about the names we had picked if Pickle was a girl. I had planned on naming her “Oishi”. This was a name I found in a novel. It means “Divine” in Bengali but sadly it also means “delicious” in Japanese. So although I simply loved the sound and meaning of it, I didn’t really like the thought of her being teased with  the Japanese meaning of her name. We, well it was just me, shortlisted a couple of names and T finally was given the honour of picking up one from the list since she would be a daddy’s girl for sure. T picked up “Saesha”. It means “with great hope and desire”. His reason for picking it was that it contains both my good name and pet name in it. (“Sa”yantika and “Esha”). And I wasn’t really gonna fight that (Attention seeker alert!!!).

When it came to a boy’s name, we had like a LOT of options… modern names, sanskrit names… unique ones… but whatever he picked I never really liked. so as usual I finally won the whole argument and got my way. Nope… I am still not telling you what we finally named Pickle… then you wont scroll down and read the rest of the post… and I am really working hard on it… ( I am sleep deprived and smell of either Pickle’s poo or johnsons baby powder!!!)

My brother however had totally different idea about how a name should really sound. He called me up one day to let me know that he was sure it was a baby boy and that he had finally decided on what we should name him. He said a guy should have like a really manly name… and so we should name pickle “Zoraavar Singh “. Trust my brother to come up with the most outlandish name of all.

Anywho, Pickle was fondly named “Tishaam” by us. And the entire family, extended included, love the nick name Pickle that I had originally come up with. So things were quite decided as people started calling my precious bonny baby boy, Pickle. However, it hasn’t lasted  … once I told them about my brother’s silly name, people now insist on calling him Zoravar… and even worse… Zorro!!!

So my pretty little cutie pie is now being called with the most ridiculous name 😦 and I am definitely not happy about it!!! Just to get even, I am presently trying to think of the most ridiculous and horrible name for my brother’s child “hehehe” (evil laughter).


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