Pickle moment of the day

As a total list person, I have been frantically jotting down these last minute lists regarding the baby now that the d day is close by. Going by one of them which was titled “baby duties”, I turned to T and instructed him that he s supposed to count the baby’s toes and fingers as soon as he sees Pickle… (something I picked up from either movies or books). He said ok… But since I considered that reply too indifferent for a father – to – be… I repeated it… At least thrice and managed to finally elicit the following response from him, “fine!!! I’ll do it… But in case there’s a problem… Do I stuff it back in?” yeah I know! Hehe
FYI the other items in the list also had duties like “guard the baby”, “put a mark on Pickle using a permanent marker ” and even” do not use pink anything…even if pickle is a girl baby”


ps: the guarding and marking the baby is to prevent a baby exchange ( another prominent theme of bollywood)


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